Imagine Your Biz in 2024

The goals you hit. The products you've sold.
The clients and customers you helped.

You Can Achieve All Your Goals Starting Right Now

The New Year is an exciting time to look at your accomplishments and create a plan for the biz you want going forward. We and our business friends are here to help you get an amazing start in 2024.

It's time to bring in new ideas to expand on what is working. Think outside the box to make your business unique!

This is also a great time to evaluate what didn't work and let it go.

It's our goal to help you kick off 2024 with trainings to ramp up your knowledge and fresh products to add to your store.

The Fresh Start Bundle is about creating the business YOU want going forward. 

Whether you're a full-time entrepreneur or working a side hustle, you have a dream life and it's time to go get it.

Here’s a look at what’s waiting for you on the inside:

  • Be more effective daily
  • Review 2023
  • Create plans for 2024
  • Create workshops and programs
  • and of course, done-for-you packages to get your shop looking fresh for the new year

We know the new year is exciting and want to help you with tools to create AND maintain your awesome biz.

Get access today!

Hey, I'm Val Selby and you may be wondering, "Why buy through a bundle?"

The obvious answer is the incredible deal you get on the products.

But, even more powerful, you will find new coaches and creatives to follow and learn from. These are businesses you may never have found if it wasn't for this page right here. And that can lead to a perfect match for your business.

THIS is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bundles.

I've been an online marketer and service provider for over 20 years. I'm the reigning queen of bundle events, having coordinated dozens of successful bundles in all sorts of niches for multiple businesses between 2018 & 2022.

And then my friend invited me to start Bundle Bash and well, here I am! Running the site I've dreamed of for years and hosting collaboration events a month.

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$2225 in workshops and products

All for only $47!

Offer ends December 10th.

Look At The Amazing Products Included!

Amira Irfan of A Self Guru

23 Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Business (ebook)

  • Personal Use Only

Legal mistakes can be very costly and devastating for your business and personal life! In less than 15 minutes, find out the 23 most common legal mistakes you should avoid as a business owner (written by a lawyer and entrepreneur). This ebook will provide an overview of the legal issues and help you take action to protect your business before it's too late. Don't wait- download this ebook now!


Kylie Kelly

90 Day Visibility Workshop PLUS bonus Visibility Checklist, Tracker & Planner

  • Personal Use Only

This workshop has been designed for female biz owners to support them in crafting a strategic 90-day visibility plan for their biz. You'll learn effective visibility strategies and step into the next 90 days with new found confidence. If you want to grow your email list fast, this is for you!

→ LIVE workshop replay
→ 90 Day Visibility Planner
→ Collab Checklist & Tracker


Christina Ethridge of Leads and Leverage

2024 Small Business Marketing Toolkit

  • Personal Use Only

The ultimate solution for overwhelmed business owners seeking to streamline their marketing efforts and achieve real, lasting results. This powerful bundle is specifically designed to help you regain focus and take control of your marketing strategy. Say goodbye to scattered efforts and hello to a laser-focused approach that drives tangible success.


Bobby Pellant of Roberta Pellant Consulting

AI Prompt Guide for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to Save Time and Money!

  • Personal Use Only

An 11-page introduction to AI with already done-for-you prompts to help save you TIME and MONEY! This guide will help you: narrow down your target market customers, write articles and blogs to establish you as an expert in your field and make content creation on social media effortless, saving you time and money, plus much more! Grab this today, you can thank me later. 🎁 ❤️


Frances Vidakovic of Inspiring Mom Life

Let Your Biz Be Easy Blueprint

  • Personal Use Only

THE LET YOUR BIZ BE EASY BLUEPRINT will help you immediately hone in on the exact ways you are making your business super complicated and offer you an alternative way of addressing and overcoming each of these issues. In a nutshell, this course will show you the simplest and yet most effective way to let your biz be easy starting today.


Jennifer Roth of Jenny Roth Copywriting

Sales Pages Made Simple - Sales Page Copy + Customizable Showit Sales Page Design Template

  • Personal Use Only

Unless you want to spend the rest of eternity having convos and closing sales in the DMs (ew), you need a compelling, client-centered sales page that closes leads and *sells* your program for you!

Sales Pages Made Simple will show you how to create a sales page that your clients love to read (and buy from, obviously!). This is a copywriting AND design template all-in-one.


Margie Beiswanger of Transform Your Brilliance

Your Blueprint for Accelerated Success

  • Personal Use Only

Are you ready to propel your business to unprecedented heights this year? This course is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to align their vision, supercharge their strategy, and breakthrough to unparalleled success. It isn't just about goal-setting for business growth—it's about forging impactful goals that lead to both professional success and a balanced, passionate life.


Taylor Daniels

Build Your First 6 Figure Offer

  • Personal Use Only

In this private class & private podcast I am going to give you the step by step guide to creating 6-figure offer, the mindset around offers, pricing, & framework, solidifying your signature method, determining your niche, selling your 6-figure offer, & building your dream life!


Leslie Yuill

Get Real About the Phases of Your Business

  • Personal Use Only

No more second-guessing! This e-book equips you with the knowledge to identify your current phase with precision. We've packed it with actionable strategies and insights that empower you to master your current phase and swiftly propel yourself to the next level. Are you ready to accelerate your business journey like never before? Get your hands on this e-book and conquer the phases of success!


Marcy Patterson of The Unpopular Mom

Business Shop Planner PLR

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Unlock the path to shop owner success with our meticulously crafted Business Shop Owner Planner PLR. Streamline your operations, boost sales, and achieve your business goals effortlessly. Fully editable and expertly designed, this planner provides you with the roadmap to success in the competitive world of shop ownership. Take charge of your business and transform your dreams into reality.

*AI was used in the creation or development of this product


Rosemary Morretta of TeamSelfCare

2024 Goal Planner

  • Personal Use Only

Every journey starts with a plan. The 2024 Goal Planner is designed with one purpose in mind - to help you unlock your full potential. Crafted for creators, coaches and digital entrepreneurs like you, it’s your ticket to a more productive, organized, and successful year.


LaShonde McCrary of BookCity, LLC

Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker in Google Sheets

  • Personal Use Only

This Small Business Bookkeeping Tracker helps you keep track of your business income, expenses and profit.


Shelley Merchant of Taming Frenzy

How to Create a Project to Support a Goal (and actually get it done!)

  • Personal Use Only

2024 can be your most productive year yet IF you know how to achieve the goals you set. This short course will teach you how to set attainable goals, brainstorm projects to help you reach the goal, and create detailed task lists. Know that every work session is a step in the right direction. Demonstrations are done in Trello but the concepts can be applied to any digital or paper system.


Miranda Nippes of Printable Island

2024 Planner, Calendars, and Bookmarks PLR Package

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

This simple and easy to revise 2024 Planner, Calendars, and Bookmarks PLR Package, comes with Full Commercial Use Rights/PLR.

This planner is the ideal tool for organizing 2024. The Calendars and Bookmarks are perfect to mix & match and add to your Coloring Books, Journals, use as Give-a-ways, etc.


Leslie Bouldin of BIBE Consulting

How to Plan your Marketing to Succeed in the New Year [Challenge]

  • Personal Use Only

As an entrepreneur, you will get the most from the next year if you know what you need to do, starting with the Big Picture down to the Nitty Gritty. This challenge is your roadmap to marketing success in the year ahead! Join this comprehensive, results-driven program designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to excel in the ever-evolving business world.


Lolita Cleveland

The Road To Achievement: Conquering Fear and Crafting Your Success Story

  • Personal Use Only

👑 Craft your success story in your own words, on your own terms.
🔥 Overcome the limitations of fear and doubt and seize the life you desire.
🧭 Embrace personal growth, take control of your life and finances, and create the future you envision.


April Hunter of The Beacon Rock

Build a Resilient Business: with a Profit Focused Financial model

  • Personal Use Only

Overwhelmed by your business's mental load? Discover a lifehack in our workshop that lightens the burden and boosts financial success. Finally understand Mike Michalowitz's Profit First model and how it can transform your business. Then expand your knowledge to design your best year ever. Join us, leave financial stress behind, and redefine your success story!


Michelle Garrett of Divas With A Purpose

End of Year Planning for a Fresh Start

  • Personal Use Only

Ring in 2024 with focus, clarity and purpose. We'll review your 2023 wins and lessons, identify opportunities for growth, set focused goals, and leave with an implementation plan. Guided exercises, thoughtful discussion and accountability will turn your big ideas into doable steps. Invest in yourself and start the year strong with a fresh mindset and strategic plan designed for your success!


Courtney Boomer of ScaleUp with Courtney

Systems and Automations Masterclass

  • Personal Use Only

In this 25 minute Masterclass we are going to deep dive into how to automate your entire life & business so you can get 5 hours a week back as a working mom

We will dive into how to automate parts of your life and business so you can think clearly and focus on the tasks that don’t clutter your brain!


Catherine Wilde of Soul Care Mom

Calm Mom Workshop

  • Personal Use Only

The Calm Mom Workshop is designed for moms who struggle with staying calm with their kids. Inside, you'll find pivotal strategies, including the keys to becoming a calm mom, powerful ways to break free from the seemingly endless cycle of yelling and guilt, and simple ways to help you embody the practices. If you're looking to be a calm, present mom, this is your invitation to transformation!


Emjae Williams of Write Headspace

List Building 101: How to Build Your First Email List

  • Personal Use Only

Ready to ditch the unreliable nature of social media and better connect with your audience? It's time to focus on your email list! First time?
This e-book will help you get over the confusion and fear of tackling email list building and give you ideas to execute immediately. It covers the importance of having an email list, ways to grow your list, and how to use it to generate revenue.


Summer Brooks of Losing The Rest

Finding What Works For You: A Six Week Weight Loss Planner

  • Personal Use Only

You are unique! Because of that, there is no cookie-cutter way to lose weight. Personalization is key! This planner will guide you to discovering your eating patterns, learning more about the emotions behind those eating patterns, developing coping techniques for urges and cravings, and helping you build new healthy habits that last.


Hunter Lowder of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute

PowerfullyYOU: 30 Days of Breathwork

  • Personal Use Only

Are you tired of feeling drained and exhausted, day in and day out? Ready to supercharge your energy levels, take control of your mornings, and transform your life for the better? Look no further! PowerfullyYOU: 30 Days of Breathwork program is here to guide you on a life-changing journey.


Eva Medilek

Win Every Day Success Habits Bundle

  • Personal Use Only

Win Every Day Success Habits Video Training
Learn 3 essential daily habits to:
Gain focus and direction. Set compelling goals, eliminate distractions, and make confident decisions. Supercharge vitality to optimize health, enhance mental well-being, and seize each day with enthusiasm. Maximize efficiency so that you can manage time effectively, prioritize tasks, and achieve more in less time.


Misty Lewis of Teal Ribbon Templates

Canva Christmas Envelope & Stationery Templates

  • Personal Use Only

There’s just something nostalgic about sending and receiving Christmas cards (or any holiday cards for that matter).
With the folded envelope Canva template you can create an envelope for any holiday, celebration, or just to say hi.
Design matching stationery easily with the lined paper template.


Joni Kinney of Inspire Kinney Chaos

Mastering Email Marketing with ChatGPT

  • Personal Use Only

Are you a business owner looking to unlock the true potential of email marketing? Want to take your campaigns to the next level with cutting-edge AI technology? Look no further! “Mastering Email Marketing with ChatGPT” is the ultimate guide that equips you with the knowledge and strategies to revolutionize your email marketing efforts and drive unprecedented business growth.


Mona Leboudy of The Action Alchemy

The Easy Opt-in Kit

  • Personal Use Only

Opt-in page is a portal to connecting with your people. The gateway to growing your audience and having them excited to hear from you. With our pre-made templates, designing opt-in and thank you pages goes from overwhelming to effortless.
Sparkle up your online presence and captivate viewers with the Easy Optin Page Kit! Every impression deserves a touch of magic. ✨


Natalia Gomez of Green Studio Marketing

Brand Building Toolkit

  • Personal Use Only

A self-paced mini-course to work on building a magnetic brand identity that attracts and a time-saving content strategy that converts. Learn how to build a client-attracting brand identity and create a sustainable content strategy that saves you time, amplifies your reach and brings in clients.


Kaycee of Kaycee Digital Design

Digital Phone Planner

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Planner is optimized for mobile phone screens, ensuring that you have plenty of space to write, while still being able to easily view your entire schedule at a glance.
Hyperlinked buttons, you can quickly navigate between sections.
Editable in Canva.
Has trackers for habits, goals, expenses - making it an all-in-one tool for organizing your life.
40 Pages
Sell as is or customize and sell.


Sarah Pritchard of Angel Cuddle Publishing

Ancestral Unshackling - Clear the Burdens & Embrace the Gifts w/ the Sacred Freedom Technique

  • Personal Use Only

Your mission is to embark on a transformational spiritual journey, identifying ancestral burdens, then clear them with the Sacred Freedom Technique (Ho’oponopono & Tapping). You will continue your journey, drawing on the blessings inherited via your ancestral lineage, to be empowered to go forward anew, living your best on-purpose life – how your soul wants you to live and Be.


Vivian of Clear Crystalo

Renewed Vision Affirmation Card Deck

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Each card represents your purpose and vision, guiding you towards a determined and intentional life. You will feel motivated as your path becomes clear, infused with vitality and direction.


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No, you sign up for only the products you want. Those are the only businesses you will receive information from besides Bundle Bash.

Do I have to use the products immediately?

We recommend only signing up for the products that you will use in the next 2-4 months so you do not overwhelm yourself.

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The FTC and multiple agencies around the world require that YOU opt-in for products. Adding you to a list is unethical and in most places, illegal.

While we know this can be a pain and we're working on a solution (stay tuned!) we give YOU the power to access and connect with the creators you want information from.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the products, there are no refunds.

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