Our Bundles are Bad-Ass

Val here with Bundle Bash! I'm so excited to be running a bundle site like no other - partnering with creatives like you in all sorts of niches to bring our business minded customers the very best products (and trainings) in all aspects of online marketing.


Whether you're a blogger exploring ways to monitize your site, a life coach ready to expand your digital offerings, or an Etsy seller looking for done-for-you content to add to your store, you'll find the resources you're looking for right here.

Hey! I'm Val!

And boy, oh boy, do I know bundles.

I've been an online marketer and service provider for over 20 years. I'm the reigning queen of bundle events, having coordinated dozens of successful bundles in all sorts of niches for multiple businesses between 2018 & 2022.

I can't wait to collaborate with you!

How It Works For Bundle Bashers


Snag Your Bundle

We have new bundles on different business building topics monthly.


Make Your Choices

Don't let the size overwhelm you! Just pick and choose the items you'll use. Or, get them all!


Download Your Goodies

Easy peasy! All the info you need is on your download page. 


Put it to Use

Don't let your files collect dust on your hard drive! Put your products to use and makes some moolah!

Upcoming Bundles

Giveaway Bash

June 24-28, 2024

  • Interest Submission Deadline May 28
  • Product Submission Deadline June 3
  • Minimum list size: None (Contributors must be members of Bundle Bash's Collaborate & Grow or Bash Pass)

Join 'Giveaway Bash', our exclusive quarterly event designed for Bundle Bash members! If you're skilled in assisting others through your business, regardless of your niche, this is the event for you.

We're inviting every topic under the sun, from B2C to B2B, to join in. For the first time, we're asking for your best converting opt-in as your entry. Why? Because we want you to sharpen your funnels for even better conversions during this event. This is an opportunity to fine-tune your strategies, attract precisely the audience you need, and supercharge your business growth.

Join 'Giveaway Bash' to showcase your most effective lead magnets and connect with a community eager to expand their reach. Apply now to contribute to 'Giveaway Bash' and drive your business to new heights!

From Chaos to Control

July 12-21, 2024

  • Interest Submission Deadline May 30
  • Product Submission Deadline June 7
  • Minimum list size of 2,500 or member of Bundle Bash's Collaborate & Grow or Bash Pass

Join 'From Chaos to Control,' the event for entrepreneurs seeking to streamline their businesses and boost productivity. If you're skilled in optimizing operations, managing time efficiently, or implementing automation, we need your expertise.

Share your actionable strategies and tools with an audience ready to grow. By participating, you'll get exposure and connect with entrepreneurs aiming for smoother, more efficient business operations.

Don't miss out. Apply now to be a part of 'From Chaos to Control' and help business owners turn their chaos into control.

Turn Clients Into Fans

August 2-11, 2024

  • Interest Submission Deadline June 20
  • Product Submission Deadline June 28
  • Minimum list size of 2,500 or member of Bundle Bash's Collaborate & Grow or Bash Pass

Join 'Turn Clients Into Fans', our next big event for entrepreneurs ready to transform clients into loyal fans through top-notch communication and engagement. If you're a pro at building deep client relationships, mastering communication, creating engaging experiences, or leveraging social media to connect, we want you.

This is your chance to showcase actionable, results-driven workshops and products to an audience eager to learn. By participating, you'll gain exposure, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and share your expertise to help build thriving businesses.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a real impact. Apply now to be part of 'Turn Clients Into Fans' and help entrepreneurs turn their clients into raving fans.

December De-Stress Fest

December 6-15, 2024

  • Interest Submission Deadline October 24
  • Product Submission Deadline November 1
  • Minimum list size of 2,500 or member of Bundle Bash's Collaborate & Grow or Bash Pass

Join our December De-Stress Fest, focused on providing products and guidance to help people stress less about life and business. If you can help someone complete tasks quicker and create more time for themselves and their loved ones, we’d love to hear about your product or training.

This health, wellness, self-care, home organization, and business event is all about helping to de-stress life and business.

If these aren't a good fit for your market, join the list to be notified of future bundles.

If these aren't a good fit for your market, join the list to be notified of future bundles.

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds.