What Will You Do In The Next 90 Days?

You've created big goals for 2024, now it's time to map out those first steps to get you there.

Join me live on January 2nd at 10am PT.

Make 2024 Better

"You have big dreams for your biz and life. I want to help you see how YOU can make them happen.

Hit your goals and know your worth."

Val Selby

Mindset Business Coach

Planning is Fun

Have you ever made plans for the year that were so gorgeous you could frame them? They were the absolute perfect plan on paper.

You yell out with joy because you NAILED IT. This is the one that gets me to my goals.

I have and never followed through on them because they were unrealistic and were missing a key part...action steps!

Make a Realistic Plan

  • Get clear on your 1 main goal for the year.
  • Break every 90 days into benchmarks to get you towards that goal. AGAIN, with 1 goal in mind for those 90 days.
  • Create the focus of your 3 things you need to do each day to make it happen

Includes the 90 day planner.

Join me live on January 2nd at 10am PT.

Zero dollars, just your time.


Val Selby  Business Mindset Coach & Queen of Collaboration

Val specializes in helping entrepreneurs understand their expertise and how to get it out there building them a community. Since 2018 she has been creating bundles, summits and giveaways to connect business owners with their ideal audience to grow their list and make more sales with the targeted traffic.

Val can sort out all of my wants, needs, and ideas and create a working checklist that will get it ALL done. It is so exciting to see my online dreams finally coming true!

Janna Skroch

Life Coach

Val is excellent at creating an environment where I feel like I've been friends with the people in the mastermind my whole life. This allows me to be free to share what I struggle with and get feedback and encouragement to wok through whatever the issue is to be able to move forward.

Shana Spears

Biz Mindset

Val takes the time to get to know each of her community members and knows our businesses in and out. And she's not afraid to share her own challenges, which makes her all the more relatable.

Sarah Wall


Create your doable plan on January 2nd!

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