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If the product is in the business' shopping cart, you will add the product to basket/cart.

Make sure you find where to add the coupon code MOJOGIVE. For some carts it is a link that often says "Have a coupon", others will have a box already open to fill the code in. Please click apply so it will drop the product to $0 before finishing any transaction.

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Here are the HOT Products & Training

warm fuzzy quotes

Warm Fuzzies Coloring Quotes

value $15

Thank you to our host Rayven Monique from Color Monthly

For Support Contact:

work less earn more

Work Less - Earn More Challenge

value $67

Thank you to our host Val Selby

For Support Contact:

bright shiny objects

Bright Shiny Objects Workshop

value $97

Thank you to our friend Kelly McCausey from Love People + Make Money

For Support Contact:

get past fear

Confident! How to Get Past Fear and Get the Hard Stuff Done (PLR)

value $27

Thank you to our friend Nicole Dean from Content Drafts

For Support Contact:

Your Success Habits Bootcamp - Use Tiny Habits To Get More Clients

Your Success Habits Bootcamp - Use Tiny Habits To Get More Clients

value $197

Thank you to our friend Jennifer Dunham from Time, Money & Happiness Matters

For Support Contact:

ways to get it all done

3 Secret Ways Get it All Done in Less Time

value $47

Thank you to our friend Ann Rusnak from A R Success - Marketplace Strategies Inc

For Support Contact:

email marketing

Jump Start Your Email Marketing Mojo - Your Setup for Success Guide

value $27

Thank you to our friend Jennifer Burke from Mighty Marketing Mojo

For Support Contact:

be unique

The Business of Being Yourself

value $27

Thank you to our friend Amy Smereck from Fruitful Freelancing

For Support Contact:

daily inspiration

Daily Inspiration Action Sheet

value $15

Thank you to our friend Michelle Garrett from Divas With A Purpose

For Support Contact:

Peaceful Path From Chaos to Calm

value $38

Thank you to our friend Tara Hayes from Tarafied Publishing

For Support Contact:

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the coupon to work?

Try typing in the coupon code MOJOGIVE manually, not copy/pasting. Sometimes a space will get in there and stop it from working.

Also, make sure you type it in all uppercase. Some shopping carts are case sensitive.

Double check that the product isn't already marked as $0. Sometimes businesses do that to make it easier and then the coupon will only throw an error message.

Where do I put the coupon code?

Each shopping cart is different. If you do not see the spot quickly, there may be a link that says "Have Coupon" or "Use Coupon Here". Some carts you will add item to basket, then view your basket and you will see the coupon area.

Always make sure the shopping cart is $0 before attempting to check out.

How long do I have to sign up for the products?

This giveaway is a little different in that it's open for a year with some contributors joining and leaving.

We recommend that you sign up for the products you want within 30 days because some of them may drop from the next promotion.

How long you have to use or download the products will depend on the individual business. Please read the emails as some PLR carts require you to download within 48 hours or confirm an account in 24.

Why can't I find the sign up info on a page?

As every device, computer, and internet access is different this could be quite a few different things.

Please check your pop-up blocker or security to see if it's blocking the form from loading.

We've included the contact information for each business so you can get quicker answers directly from them. But we are happy to help trouble shoot