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Ever wished for a treasure trove of resources tailored for your business? With Bundle Bash, your wish just came true! We collaborate with experts in all sorts of niches to create value-packed bundles on different topics that help you grow your business and create your best life. The 1st Friday of every month, a new bundle drops!

We love, love, love creating connections and have created a SPECTACULAR collaborations membership that also🔥 includes access to our monthly bundle.🔥 This means EVERY month, you can get the products from leaders, coaches, and trainers that serve digital entrepreneurs, and implement them in your business.

All this magic, all this growth, and all this collaboration for just $47/month!

Ready to unwrap this gift? Dive in and give your business the monthly love and learning it deserves!

The Bash Pass Adds So Much More!

Goodness, the breakdown value is over $1300. But that doesn't include the value in each month's bundle which is $2k+ in products and trainings!

Weekly Group Meeting - value $325

Accountability, action, and celebrations are a great way to get through a business week. Join us every Wednesday 11am PT for a group coaching meeting. You'll have time to ask questions and share your expertise with others.

And of course we have a private FB group just for members!

Access to Monthly Paid Bundle - value $47-$97+

As long as you are a member, you will have access to the 1st Friday monthly bundle we run!

Collaborate & Grow Membership - value $525

Inclusion in our monthly events created specifically for smaller lists, resources to make the most out of collaborations, and so much more. 

Priority Placement on the Monthly Collaborations - value $197

Get to the top of the event list! Priority is given first to Bash Pass holders, then in the order they were received. 

Outsourcing 101 Workshop - value $595

Build a high-performing team of remote workers that will help you achieve your business goals. This course covers the basics, the complete hiring/interview process, and how to create and implement SOPs. 

Get Event Ready Workshop - value $97

This workshop is set up for you to work on a new product for the next bundle you submit to. Set up to do over 4 weeks so you can still do your usual business while you are creating.

Beyond the Event Workshop - value $97

Set up that product from the Get Event Ready workshop into a money maker. Events are about much more than just your submission. Turn them into sales.

Value is over $1883!

More workshops are added regularly!

Unlock the Bundle Bash experience! With just $47/month, gain entry to our exclusive monthly bundle and be part of the Collaborate & Grow Club, where entrepreneurs unite to fuel success. Access top-tier resources, training, and immerse in the vibrant spirit of our community.

Don't wait. Dive in and elevate your business today.

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