Day Two


Welcome to the Everything Content Summit Recordings!

Dive into the presentations from our summit below. These recordings are packed with insights from the live event, so you can absorb and implement the strategies at your own pace.

Missed the live interaction? Don't worry! While the Q&A sessions were exclusive to our live attendees, the knowledge and expertise shared in these recordings remain invaluable.

Happy learning!

Michelle Boyd Waters

The Long-Term Play: The Essential Building Blocks of a Sustainable Brand

Influencers on Instagram and Facebook are constantly running ads about how you can start an online business with just their chosen social media platform and no writing and no face videos. But these methods won't work in the long run if you're wanting to build a brand that makes a difference and stands the test of time. Instead, I'm going to share my strategies for building a brand based on writing SEO- and reader-friendly content that starts with your blog.

Bio: Michelle Boyd Waters is a writing consultant, teacher, and founder of the educational publishing company reThink ELA and the business coaching company, Creatorpreneur Collab.

Michelle is a former award-winning newspaper reporter whose work has appeared on the Associated Press wire and in The Dallas Morning News. She gave up her career to stay home with her two children. During that time, she started a boutique web design and hosting company, which she sold in 2009.

During more than 10 years experience in the classroom, she has chronicled her journey from a curriculum-centered to teacher to a teacher who helps students learn who they are as readers and writers and edupreneur with a company that has garnered more than 2.7 million visitors and a email list of more than 10,000 teachers from around the world.

Free Gift: 5 Ways to Write Blog Posts that Make an Impact

Dive into this enlightening report to explore diverse blog post strategies. Learn how to leverage these methods to strengthen your brand and emerge as a thought leader in your domain. Enhance your blogging approach for a lasting impact.

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Kim Parkinson

Crafting Content for Your Podcast

You want a podcast. You know your message needs to get to the masses but then you think.... how am I going to come up with content? Don't second guess yourself! Don't be nervous, lean on what you know and let's get those episodes recorded. Kim has a few tricks on how to come up with at least 15-20 episode ideas!

Bio: Meet Kim, the dynamo behind KP Creative Media: Your Podcast Management Agency extraordinaire! With over 700 episodes under her belt, most featuring incredible women entrepreneurs, she's a podcasting pro who knows how to make your voice shine.

Kim's all about that personal touch, and it's what sets her apart. She's been there, done that ā€“ from running her own brick-and-mortar small business to steering this podcast agency ship. She gets the ups and downs of being a woman entrepreneur and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

But Kim's not just a one-trick pony; she's a multi-talented wonder. From being a CEO to dabbling in web development, acing social media management, and even hosting her own television show, she's worn many hats. With her wealth of real-world experience, she intimately understands the challenges and opportunities that businesses face.

When it comes to podcast production, you're in for a wild ride with this creative visionary at the helm. Kim knows how to turn your message into a symphony that'll be heard far and wide. So, get ready to hit the airwaves and let your podcasting journey begin with KP Creative Media! šŸŽ™ļøšŸš€

Free Gift: Podcast Launch Replay

A replay of our Podcast Launch Challenge. This is a challenge we do quarterly in our Facebook group and usually, the people that get extended access are our VIP's but just this once we are offering it to the Bundle Bash Summit! This walks you through step by step all the tasks you need to start and launch your podcast. From the cover art to RSS feeds, we cover it all! We even do a session on editing too!

Jennifer Burke

Create Your Mighty Easy Email Freebie in Canva ā€“ and get building that list!

You're building your home base on the web - your blog! You know you need to build an email community to go with that, right? Emails is hands down the best, most cost-effective marketing strategy out there still. But you need an attractive, focused, problem-solving free email opt-in to bring in those right-for-you people to your community. And you need to get it down + out there fast and easy. Did you know you can create an actionable free gift, like a checklist, worksheet or workbook inside of Canva? Let's create one together!

Bio: Iā€™m a geek. A food and wine geek, a book geek, a sports geek, and a marketing geek. I hope I can be your marketing geek. I love helping solopreneurs get past the tech hurdles that are keeping them from running their online business, attracting right-for-them clients, and making an impact in the world. Let's make things easier together!

Free Gift: Mighty Fast Freebies with Canva - Templates

Mix-n-match the 13 pages in this free template pack to create a short checklist of valuable tips, or a mini planner, a worksheet to guide them through key steps - you choose what fits your business and audience. All elements work with a free Canva account.

Special Offer: Mighty Easy Free Gift Workbook

This how-to-workbook guides you to create an email opt-in gift that is focused, actionable, and attractive to your ideal customers. Learn how to plan it, create it, and monetize it - all in a weekend. Combine what you learn here with my free Canva templates and have a mighty good, client-attracting, lead-generating free gift in no time!

Jen Perdew

3 Ways To Increase Your Engagement and Sales With Email Marketing

Email marketing has the highest return on investment than any other form of marketing. But emailing your list can feel scary and robotic.
What to write? Are you sharing too much? What if folks unsubscribe? You think you don't have enough people on your list to even make the effort.

It's all about creating content that you feel good about writing and sharing.
In this presentation, I'll show you 3 simple ways to increase your engagement and sales that will remove all the fear or doubt you may have about increasing your email marketing efforts.

Bio: Jen is an automation nerd who loves creating systems to build long-term, evergreen passive income. Her passion is coaching, email marketing, and discovering new ways to use AI as her assistant. For 8 years, Jen was the Director of Sales and Marketing for MyNAMS until January 1st, when she bought the company and became CEO and President! Her love of travel, farmhouse restoration, and homesteading is a perfect fit with the online business lifestyle.

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