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The New Year is an exciting time to look at your accomplishments and create a plan for the biz you want going forward. We and our business friends are here to help you get an amazing start in 2023.

It's time to bring in new ideas to expand on what is working. Think outside the box to make your business unique!

This is also a great time to evaluate what didn't work and let it go.

It's our goal to help you kick off 2023 with trainings to ramp up your knowledge and fresh products to add to your store.

The Fresh Start Bundle is about creating the business YOU want going forward. 

Whether you're a full-time entrepreneur or working a side hustle, you have a dream life and it's time to go get it.

Here’s a look at what’s waiting for you on the inside:

  • Be more effective daily
  • Review 2022
  • Create plans for 2023
  • Create workshops and programs
  • and of course, done-for-you packages to get your shop looking fresh for the new year

We know the new year is exciting and want to help you with tools to create AND maintain your awesome biz.

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Coaching Agreement Template

Value $100

This coaching agreement template has everything you need to work with clients to get paid on time and protect yourself financially and legally.

Trusted by over 30,000 entrepreneurs and clients I've helped as a lawyer for more than 10 years.

Works for any coach in any niche to use with their clients while offering one-on-one coaching or group coaching services.

Use this coaching agreement template to:
-Avoid legal disputes and lawsuits with clients
-Ensure timely payment for your coaching services
-Protect yourself from legal liability for the coaching services you offer with the proper disclaimers you need as a coach

Contributed by Amira Irfan of A Self Guru

Personal Use

A Strategy For Confident Pitching (Brands & Beyond)

Value $74

Learn who to pitch - and how - to confidently grow your blog or business through collaboration! Along with collaboration ideas, you'll learn exactly what to say in a pitch and how to negotiate compensation.

Contributed by Jessie Festa of Jessie on a Journey

Personal Use

Keep the Social Media Spark Alive Without Writer’s Block

Value $67

Tired of worrying about what to post on social media? Feeling like you’re being reactive rather than proactive? Worry no more. Use A Cup of Social: Done-for-You Social Media to Save Time and Effort. Keep your business front and center with a scheduled social media marketing strategy.

The video training is for personal use only. The social captions and templates come with PLR and Commercial Use.

Contributed by Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen

PLR and/or Commercial Use

3-Day Money Magic Training

Value $222

Money Magic is a 3-day workshop for anyone who struggles to attract, keep, manage or enjoy money. It will help you change the way you look at money, uncover and re-frame limiting beliefs, and welcome abundance in your life.

Get ready to go from anxious when managing your money or even looking at your bank accounts to feeling empowered and in control.

Contributed by Lidiya Kesarovska of Let's Reach Success

Personal Use

Plan Your Passive Income Now

Value $47

In this course, we'll brainstorm passive income sources, how to start with what you already have, how to create a resource page that makes money, and much more.
Creating passive income streams will make life as a business owner much easier as you create your product once, and then reap the efforts in real money after. The more income streams you have, the more passive income you'll make. And what better way than starting off 2023 with passive income?

Contributed by Cecilie Aslaksen of Mom Making Money At Home

Personal Use

Butterfly Coloring Pack

Value $37

Come and get your 40-page Butterflies Coloring Pages with PLR/MRR rights.

Add these totally unique butterfly coloring pages to refresh your site with butterflies that represent transformation. Can be used as the base for your PLR that you sell as PLR.

This digital product includes:
- 40 8.5" x 11" coloring pages in JPG format (zipped)

Contributed by Deborah Carney of Pretty Digital Printables

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Annual Power Up Bundle

Value $67

- All New and Improved Bundle of Three Valuable Products to End the Year Right and Start 2023 Even Better -

Included in this bundle is the Annual Review Worksheet, 12-Week Sprint Planner, and Set Your Goals planner. Use these three products to review the past year, look forward to the next, plan goals, and get super focused on one goal at a time.

Contributed by Cousett Hoover of Techie Mamma

Personal Use

Neo Watercolor Peonies Set of Unique 36 Digital Papers

Value $37

Come and get your 36-pack of digital paper with PLR/MRR rights.

Make your creations stand out by using these bold digital papers created from photos taken by Deborah Carney. These are totally unique! Can be used as the base for YOUR PLR that you sell as PLR.

This digital product includes:
- 36 digital papers in JPG format (zipped)
- Size: 12" x 12" - 3600 x 3600 pixels
- Resolution: 300 dpi

Contributed by Deborah Carney of Pretty Digital Printables

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Affirmations for Career Cards Deck PLR Printable

Value $27

With the current economical shifts and uncertainties in the world, do you feel a little lost when it comes to your career? We’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives. That’s why we created these Affirmations for Career PLR Card Deck Printable – to help you find your way.

Contributed by Dee Pawar of P4 Digital LLC

PLR and/or Commercial Use

I Am Ready for a Fresh Start Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book

Value $30

"I Am Ready for a Fresh Start" Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book is designed to help you start a new conversation with the voice inside your head.

So many of us have felt limited in life, unworthy, or "not enough". These thoughts are simply programming that was taught to us; it's time to teach ourselves the truth: we are beautiful, perfect beings, worthy of the most glorious love on earth - our own.

This simple coloring book featuring body positive affirmations, and lined journal pages are designed to invite new thoughts.

Contributed by Rayven Monique of Abundability

Personal Use

The Art of Reflection

Value $77

Reflection is about looking back over the road taken so that the view of the road still to travel looks a lot clearer. Whether you're working on plans for the new year, new project, or new biz direction you can learn a lot by reflecting on what’s happened so far.

This is a journey of self reflection which teaches the power of gratitude in a busy world and the importance of making them a habit!

Contributed by Lisa Mulhern of Perfectly Productive

Personal Use

Simplified Inbox Blueprint

Value $45

The inbox is usually the cornerstone of entrepreneurial anxiety. It’s where other people’s expectations come knocking. And it’s often a place we completely lack boundaries.

I won’t promise you will love your inbox, but I will tell you it’s possible to release its stranglehold on your life and confidently ignore it for hours (or even days) without it turning into a three-ring circus.

Contributed by Dani Schnakenberg of Simplified Business Systems

Personal Use

New Year's Business Goal Setting Planner

Value $27

If you've been struggling to start your own journal business or finding the best incentive or opt-in for your audience, then let me help you save TIME AND MONEY! You will enjoy using this brainstorming business planner yourself, as well as enjoying the profits from it too! Use it to help make 2023 the best year ever for their business!

Contributed by Marcy Bridges Patterson of The Unpopular Mom

PLR and/or Commercial Use

New Year Fresh Start Website Checklists

Value $37

Every year there are millions of websites with outdated information, especially at the beginning of the year. This New Year's bundle will help you catch everything you want to be doing to keep your website fresh and enticing for your visitors. You'll discover how to create an automatically updating copywriter in the footer, you'll learn things you should be looking at each year to ensure your website is fresh and always available for your visitors. I've even added two of my most popular checklists to guide you in the ongoing maintenance of your website, as well as a checklist to help improve the health of your website to keep it fresh and always ready for your next sale!

Contributed by Renee Shupe of Geek in Your Pocket

Personal Use

Budget Planner for Wealthy Women

Value $97

Are you ready to take control of your money? Grab the Budget Planner for Wealthy Women!

You'll learn how to:
✓ Create a budget that works for you so you no longer feel restricted.
✓ Understand your real numbers so you can put your money where it will have the most impact.
✓ Drive out fear of the unknown so you can start to make power moves in your home and business!

Contributed by Erinn Bridgman

Personal Use

Productivity Without Burnout

Value $47

Get ready to transform your to-do list & create space for the things that bring you joy!

You do a lot every day. From the everyday tasks, like dropping the kids off at school and emptying the dishwasher, to the bigger tasks like decluttering your closet or meal planning there are an endless number of things you need to do. But you don't have to live in constant burnout anymore. This course will help you to shift your mindset and relationship with time so you can get more done!

Contributed by Catherine Wilde of Soul Care Mom

Personal Use

Business & Manifestation Journal and Planner Bundle

Value $111

The Business & Manifestation Journal and Planner Bundle contains digital planners, journals, affirmation cards and meditations to help you plan and manifest the business of your dreams.

You'll find a website mapping planner, a business reflection guided meditation and workbook + a 90-day business planner to keep you on track with your goals.

And to help you manifest them you'll get a Vision Board Workbook, Law of Attraction Fresh Start Journal, Full Moon Crystal Grids Layouts and a journal for setting your intentions by the phases of the moon during 2023 as well as a bunch of resources for manifesting wealth & abundance.

Contributed by Gemma Kimpton & Dani Fairhurst of Mantra + Moon

Personal Use

Plan Your Premium

Group Program

Value $222

This on-demand workshop will help you map out a high-ticket group offer that can bring in 5-figures a month with just ONE Zoom call a week. You'll be guided step-by-step through selecting the specialty focus of your program, the length & structure, how to land on the perfect profitable price point, and map out a launch timeline to meet or exceed your biggest revenue goals!

Contributed by Cailen Ascher of Cailen Ascher International, LLC

Personal Use

Wealth Affirmations Printable Cards - Canva Template

Value $27

Start profiting now with this evergreen niche while helping your clients and customers to reprogram their subconscious minds toward an abundant mindset that will support their dreams and actions.
We have created 30 powerful affirmations to overcome the major limiting beliefs around money that hold people back from attracting financial prosperity in their lives.

Contributed by Cynthia Siqueira of Soulful PLR by Soulful Business

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Canva Organization 101 - Making Canva Your BFF

Value $47

Do you struggle to find things inside your Canva Account? Like, can't remember what you named a project, what colors you like to use, where that design you really liked is? Or do you struggle with how to start designing or editing a product in Canva? If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you are NOT alone and this training is for you!

This training includes organizing by naming conventions, using folders, and sub-folders, duplicating, deleting, and moving things around. There are organization and time-saving tips sprinkled throughout, as well as a strategy you can use or adapt to help you pre-plan and prep to create your next product a little smoother and quicker. There's even a google sheet to help organize the fabulous things you have created.

Contributed by Melanie Dougherty of BittySpire

Personal Use

From Idea to
Course Templates

Value $27

Have you been working on your course for a while but are no closer to finishing it than when you started? Maybe you've been thinking about a course but can't figure out where (or how) to go from idea to paper...

Everyone has a course inside of them...even you!

This bundle of awesomeness will leave you seeing possibilities for your profitable online course everywhere...and that's a good thing. These templates will show you how to map out those possibilities and leave you with an exact blueprint of everything you need to do to finish your course. It's time to get that course out of your head (and heart!) and into the hands of the people who need it.

Contributed by Samantha King

Personal Use

Budget Planner Template

Value $37

Use this Budget Planner Template to help your customers organize and plan every aspect of their finances. The 30 unique page layouts are easy to customize with PowerPoint. You can use these pages to create your own Journals and Planners to sell on sites like Etsy or on your own website.

Contributed by Lori Winslow of Lori Winslow Online

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Building Bridges Watercolor Paper Pack

Value $47

The “Building Bridges” Watercolor Paper Pack is all about forward momentum. Bridges represent moving from one place to another, taking action, building anew and connecting.

This set of 20 watercolor papers in 11” x 8.5”, JPG format is perfect for anyone wishing to move forward to create new beginnings.

Contributed by Lara Champion of Tales From the Rouge

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Organize Your Thoughts Digital Notebook

Value $27

Learn how to free your mind for maximum performance by storing your notes in an easily accessible way through simple technology.
Use the 6 sections to organize your thoughts for the different areas of your life i.e. Finance, Health, Family/Friends, Relationships, Spirituality/Charity & Career/Business.

Each section has 20 pages, fully hyperlinked.

Contributed by Kaycee of Kaycee Digital Design

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Idea to Finished Project Planner and Journal

Value $37

Do you struggle with completing projects before moving to a new one? The Idea-to-Finished Project Planner gets all those ideas out of your head into one spot so you know what steps to take to complete them.

Included in this PLR package is a 30+ page planner with daily tasks, a calendar and trackers and 2 Tip sheets on research and organization and 1 article/blog post on planning yearly content.

Contributed by Carol Owens of Country Girl Creatives

PLR and/or Commercial Use

January No-Spend Challenge

Value $27

Average Christmas debt last year was $1249 (yikes!). Paying off debt & saving more money are always amongst the top three New Year's resolutions. So after two months of shopping gluttony, doesn't a spending diet sound like a good way to press the reset button on your finances? Guidelines, live check-ins, point system, brainstorming, maybe a new habit, definitely prizes!

Contributed by Katie McCarthy of Solopreneur Cafe

Personal Use

Ultimate Goal Achievement Success Bundle

Value $97

Help your customers finally achieve their biggest dreams and goals. This system is science-backed and uses the most recent neuroscience information on goal achievement.

While many people know how to set goals, most fail to reach their goals. This system helps overcome the hidden blocks that get in the way of success.

Contributed by Bluedolphin Crow of Solo Business Breakthrough

PLR and/or Commercial Use, Personal Use Only

Habit Tracker & Goal Planner Templates

Value $27

This 24-page template includes a collection of habit tracker and goal planner templates with PLR. With the New Year approaching, people are looking to improve their daily habits. Forming a new habit takes time so a habit tracker is useful in helping you to see your progress and giving you more motivation to follow through. By following through on your habits you can reach your goals with ease!

Contributed by Chelsea Sprague of PLR Friends

PLR and/or Commercial Use

12 Monthly Vision Board Canva Templates

Value $27

These 12 Monthly Vision Board Canva Templates can be used for many different purposes, such as:
- Blog Post Images
- Social Media Images
- Personal Use Journal Pages
- Gift Guides
And More!

The basic template is the same for each month, but there are 12 done-for-you templates with different fonts, colors, and styles. Or, you can change things up and make completely new Vision Boards!

Contributed by Misty Lewis of Teal Ribbon Templates

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Boss Lady Planner #10

Value $27

This Boss Lady Planner has everything you need to stay organized and ready for everything you have scheduled. This planner includes plenty of space for writing your day in a daily and weekly overview at a glance. Also includes room for journaling, bucket list, favorites lists, reading list and a place for recipes too. All this and more in one planner!

Contributed by Rowena Blocker of BlockParty Services

Personal Use

New Year New Me

Blog Posts Bundle

Value $27

It's a new year, and that means it's time for a new you! But if you don't have the time or energy to put into creating brand new content for your blog or website, don't worry! This New Year New Me PLR blog posts bundle has everything you need to get a fresh start this year.

Inside this bundle, you'll find 5 ready-to-publish blog posts all about starting fresh and achieving your goals.

Contributed by Andrea Allen of Living Simply Creative

PLR and/or Commercial Use

4 Seasons Product Mockup Templates for Canva with PLR

Value $30

Product Mockup Templates - 4 sets, 10 templates per set, ready to post for each of the 4 seasons. Let your product presentations pop on social media, no matter what season! Switch them up a bit to allow your clients and customers to do the same! Can be used in your own business and comes with PLR rights (see listing for details).

Contributed by Tina Bassett of Tina B's World

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Ho'oponopono Planner/Journal Pages Stationery & Bookmarks PLR Pack

Value $37

Help raise your customers’ resonance and cleanse all non-serving data and energy with this delightful Ho’oponopono Planner/Journal and Stationery Pack…

Change your life with Ho’oponopono cleansing – letting go of what needs to go, be transformed or transmuted, and letting what needs to come, come…

Whether you are planning, journaling, writing a letter, shopping, working or going about your daily life, this pack will remind you to be in the moment and clearing out old energy. And you will be transmitting love…

Contributed by Sarah Pritchard of Angel Cuddle Publishing

PLR and/or Commercial Use

How to Write and Publish a Nonfiction Book in 4 Weeks

Value 97 CAD (73 USD)

How to Write and Publish a Nonfiction Book in 4 Weeks (self-paced course)

Have a great topic or idea, but don’t know how to get it out? Learn How to Become a Published Author in 30 Days or Less. From RESEARCH to WRITING to EDITING to PUBLISHING, sign up for this course now and we’ll walk you through the steps. This course includes everything you need to WRITE and PUBLISH your own book on Amazon KDP without the fluff.

We’ve even thrown in a bonus marketing model, where we detail how to get reviews, discuss giveaways, and social media marketing. You could have your book ready in just 30 days. Learn the non-fiction writing process the easy way!

Contributed by Linda Toms of Funny Face Fiction LTD.

Personal Use

Start Fresh 10-Day Challenge

Value $29

The "Start Fresh" 10-Day Challenge is a spiritual check-up and realignment for the upcoming year. At the end of this year, we begin to think about all that has happened and, of course, what lies ahead. What a great time to take two weeks to deal with past issues plaguing our progress and prepare for our next season.

See you inside the challenge!

Contributed by Cynthia Martin of Real Life Revised

Personal Use

Dominate Your Data Workshop

Value $47

**Learn how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes business owners make when tracking metrics and data.
**Discover the growth that is possible in your business when you start making data-driven decisions.
**Understand the 3 vital actions required to go from uncertain guesswork to profitable decisions.

Get a glimpse into my signature 3-step framework for helping business owners know with certainty what is working and not working in their business, and how this affects their bottom line.

Contributed by Donna Dube of Productivity Plus

Personal Use

F*ck The Hustle

Value $225

Hustle culture tells us to overwork and burnout… But the truth is, you can take 2-3 actions a day and create a thriving, profitable business.
This course will teach you how to take more effective actions and create better results! Do you feel as if you need to take 2 million actions a day? Does your to-do list ignite insane amounts of overwhelm within you? Are the actions you’re taking producing mediocre results?
If you answered YES to any of those questions… F*ck The Hustle is for you!

Contributed by Bri Seeley

Personal Use

New Year's Resolution Planner

Value $37

A New Year's resolution is a commitment to adopt or create a personal goal and to achieve success or break the habit. It is made at the start of the new year to gauge and analyze the past year and set goals for the future.
This is a collection of 26 planner pages to help your audience to plan New Year's Resolutions and reflect on their life for the last year. It is beautifully designed with elegant and soft watercolor flowers.

Contributed by Vivian of Clear Crystalo

PLR and/or Commercial Use

2023 Boho Desktop Organizer Wallpapers

Value $27

These abstract Boho Desktop Organizer Wallpapers are perfect to arrange the files on your desktop! You get 12 layouts, one for each month in 2023. This beautiful pastel wallpaper will keep your desktop background organized and pretty!

This is an editable Canva template. You can use it for yourself, edit and sell the JPEG images to your customers- desktop organizers are popular all year round, and especially at the start of the year!

Contributed by Sreedevi of Snazzy Designs

PLR and/or Commercial Use

The Dreamy Digital
Cell Phone Planner

Value $47

Editable Planner Templates formatted for Cell Phone Use - Commercial Use Rights as a Done-for-You product. This Planner is delivered ready to list and be sold or edit it to fit any style, niche, or event. Customizable in Canva, the planner has Daily, Monthly, Schedules, Notes, Meals, and Habit Tracker. Nothing screams New Year New Me like a brand new Cell Phone Planner to keep yourself and your customers organized!

Contributed by Amy Tripp of Dreamy PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Creating Routines That You Won't Quit In 3 Days

Value $37

Have you ever tried to start a new habit thinking it will change your entire life . . . only to quit it in 3 days? This happens to the best of us. But here are 7 simple hacks that will help you stick to the routines and get over that initial resistance and finally build a routine that works FOR you.

Contributed by Mayu of Kokumber

Personal Use

Build a Successful Blog Bundle

Value $27

I created the Build a Successful Blog Bundle to help new bloggers learn basic blogging information without spending a fortune.

This bundle will provide you with a foundational understanding of 6 key aspects of creating a successful blog. From there you’ll know what you want to focus on next, which experts to turn to for more in-depth teachings, and where you need the most help.

Contributed by Karen Whitfield of Online Blog & Business Help

Personal Use

Starting Afresh - Taking charge of your future

Value $27

If this year gone has been less than you had hoped, if you are ready for a fresh start or a new beginning, or you just know the time is right for you to take charge and take action, you need this audio course.

In Starting Afresh, you will discover ten steps to powerful new beginnings, making a fresh start and taking charge of your future. Includes written notes for each audio episode for your later reference.

Contributed by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst of KMG Consulting

Personal Use

How to Create a Social Media Content Planning System

Value $33

It's time for a fresh start and a fresh approach to content planning! Download the content planning workbook and sign up for the 7-day email challenge.

Together we’ll:
- Find your perfect planning time
- Dig deep to open a stream of content ideas
- Create a system that works for you

Forget the scrambling and confusion about what to post on social media. Let's create your plan!

Contributed by Emjae Williams of Write Headspace

Personal Use

$2,552 in workshops and products

All for only $37!

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