From Chaos
to Control

Transform your business operations with expert tools and training designed to enhance efficiency and productivity.

July 12-21

July 12-21

From Chaos to Control

Transform your business operations with expert tools and training designed to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Look at The Amazing Products Included!

UnWrite the Rules

A Crash Course in ClickUp

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined systems! This practical and action-focused training will fast-track your mastery of ClickUp so you can save time, stay organised, wave goodbye to (most of) your tedious team meetings and focus on the fun stuff (like growing your business!).

Tina Lopez

Freebie to Funnel

Turn those Freebies into Money Making Leads.

You'll have the strategy, templates, and training that will teach you how to turn a freebie opt-in to an opportunity to earn cash on the spot.

Mama Hen Media

Conscientious Campaigns

Serious about stepping up your email marketing? You gotta know to know how your campaigns are performing.

Streamline your email campaign planning & track metrics that matter with Conscientious Campaigns. You'll improve your email marketing strategy, so you can reach out to your customers more in a more personalized and efficient way.
Includes email planner, performance tracker, and video tutorial.

Sage Grayson

2-Day Product Producer

This high-speed, yet comprehensive, course helps you stop procrastinating on creating your next product and launch it into the world ASAP. You’ll effortlessly fill your shop like magic!

Wealth Axle

Attention That Converts Masterclass

How To Create A Captive Audience That Hangs On To Your Every you can convert their attention into sales!

Flourish Marketing Co.

10-Minute Social Media Planning Bundle

Revolutionize your social media game with our 10-Minute Social Media Planning Bundle! Designed for busy entrepreneurs, this bundle will save you time, keep your content fresh, and boost engagement effortlessly. Plan a week’s worth of posts in just minutes, ensuring consistency and maximizing impact. Sign up now and watch your online presence flourish! 🚀

Michelle Oel

Seize the Power of Spreadsheets: Organizing, Recording and Tracking Your Data With Ease

Join us on August 25 at 1:00pm ET to discover harnessing the full potential of spreadsheets to optimize your time and efficiency while revealing a wealth of new insights! Learn spreadsheet basics giving you the power to create databases and reports for your numbers so you can make informed decisions to drive business growth. Can’t make it? A guide and limited time replay will be available post-class.

Johnna Kirk

Limiting Beliefs ebook + 30 Affirmations for Empowerment

A comprehensive guide and workbook to help you identify, challenge and overcome self-limiting beliefs that hinder your personal growth & success. Through insightful exercises, journal prompts & strategies you'll learn to replace deeply-rooted negative thought patterns with empowering beliefs.

The Laptop Lifestyle Lounge

The Coach Bundle

Streamline your coaching business with our Coach Bundle.

What's Included:
- Coach Business Plan
- 80 Coaching Social Media Templates
- Coaching Client Tracker
- Quick Link Canva Template

Butterflies and Tulips

Midjourney Digital Assets Trello Board Template

Hey Online Entrepreneur! Are you ready to elevate your business game effortlessly? Grab the Free Midjourney Digital Assets Trello Board Template! 🌷🦋

This tool is designed to streamline your creative process, helping you organize your clipart, digital papers, and coloring pages efficiently. Save time, reduce stress, and boost your productivity—all with one simple download.



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Achieve Order And Efficiency In Your Business

Unlock the Benefits of Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Productivity

Streamlined Operations

Access tools and training designed to help you manage your business more efficiently.

Enhanced Productivity

Discover strategies and systems to boost your productivity and streamline your workflow.

Automation Techniques

Implement automation to simplify your business processes and promote growth.

Access expert presentations, workshops, and products worth over $XXXX for only $27. Take control of your business operations today!

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I'm Val Selby

Val has been an online marketer and service provider for over 20 years. As the reigning queen of bundle events, she coordinated dozens of successful bundles in all sorts of niches for multiple businesses between 2018 & 2022.

Bundle Bash was born from seeing that her coaching clients and business customers needed events that were more targeted. BB launched in May 2022 and has helped connect 1000's of businesses and buyers. Collaboration is everything!


How long do I have to download?

You have until August 21st at 5pm ET to sign up and gain access to any of the products you would like.

Will I be added to everyone's list?

No, you sign up for only the products you want. Those are the only businesses you will receive information from besides Bundle Bash.

Do I have to use the products immediately?

We recommend only signing up for the products that you will use in the next 2-4 months so you do not overwhelm yourself.

Most of the businesses have unlimited access to the products once you have signed up for it and you can use it at any time.

How will I get my products?

After you sign up, you will gain access to the special page that has all of the access information for each product. You choose which products you will sign up for.

The FTC and multiple agencies around the world require that YOU opt-in for products. Adding you to a list is unethical and in most places, illegal.

While we know this can be a pain and we're working on a solution (stay tuned!) we give YOU the power to access and connect with the creators you want information from.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the products, there are no refunds.

The value of our bundle is immense. For only $17 you have access to over $1000 in products. If you use only two products you have more than received your bundle purchase price.

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