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Bundle Passes Add So Much More!

You're already getting over $525 a month as a Collaborate & Grow Member. But goodness, look what we'd like to add to that.

Everything in your Collaborate & Grow Membership - value $525

You are already a member and you can dig into those benefits right this minute. They are included in every Bash Pass.

Access to Monthly Paid Bundle - value $47-$97+

As long as you are a member, you will have access to the regular monthly bundle we run!

Priority Placement on the Monthly Collaborations - value $197

Hey, this is Val here and my clients have and do charge much more for premium placements in their events LOLOL

Outsourcing 101 Workshop - value $595

We collaborate with a lot of events on the intranets and we want to get you connected with the best fit for you.

Value is over $1364!

And this is just in soft launch!

We're going to make this easy.

This is only an additional $40 to upgrade to a Bundle Bash Pass.

Because we're in soft launch, WE will do a bit of update on this. We want to stress the WE because you won't have to worry about a thing.

You will see that when you sign up, it shows $40 for the first payment, then $47 a month for as long as you stay a member.

After you join us in the Bundle Bash Pass, WE will cancel your $7 monthly payment to Collaborate & Grow. You will NOT pay that $7 monthly after that first payment. It will now be wrapped into your $47 a month.

Clear as mud? bahahaha

Just have no worries, going forward you are getting all the benefits of the Bash Pass with your Collaborate & Grow Membership for only $47. I promise it's easy.

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