Join me at the

After Party

Your invitation to work privately with me and get shit done.

It's time to move ahead in your businesses using your expertise and finally getting that project set-up and completed.

You know what that project is. It popped in your head immediately.

That scary AF project that you know will move you forward but you tell yourself you don't know where to start because you don't want to fail...again. Or worse...omg what if you succeed?

I hear you because I've been there. When giving up isn't an option in your playbook, then it's time to get outside help.

A 3 hour intensive, dedicated to moving your biz forward.

I absolutely LOVE having Val as my business coach! I'm a newbie to email/content marketing. I've been "playing around" with it for almost a decade and not really getting anywhere on my own. Val can sort out all of my wants, needs, and ideas and create a working checklist that will get it ALL done (providing I do my part). It is SO exciting to see my online dreams finally coming true!


I Create My Life Today

It's time to Stop Procrastinating...

...and get your products and services out there to the world.

You can spend years learning and planning. But, none of that will create the life you want. You need to get your website basics up so people can find you. You need to create that sales page explaining what you are selling. You need that mailing list working for you and doing it smoothly. 

That is what your After Party is all about. You & I working together to get the pieces of your project connected so you can make money.

Ideas for what we can accomplish during your After Party:

  • Make a start here - connect the products you already have in your business so they flow. Get emails written and have a funnel working for you.
  • Create your strategy - what you want to do in your business is stuck in your head. Let me help you pull the ideas out and get them on a roadmap.
  • Plan your bundle - have you been stalling to create your bundle or giveaway? Let's get it all set up!



I know how easy it is to fill your to do list with busy work and not get the important things completed. Then a year later you still haven't launched that product or new service.

You are leaving money on the table month after month, week after week, day after day as you put off the projects you know will move you forward.

These VIP Days are all about focus which means we get your project completed and ready to share with the world.

Are you ready to treat yourself and your business to a day with me?

If you know this is for you, sign up today.

Every After Party Includes:

Intensive 3-Hour Work Session

Every After Party includes a 3-hour session working privately with me to put all the pieces together and complete your project. The emails, sales pages & thank you pages, all the way down to that payment button being in place.

Pre-Party Strategy Session

I want to hear all about your business. We'll talk all your dreams and goals so we're set for what will happen during our after party time.

Detailed Action Plan

Outlined to-do list for the After Party so we each know our action plan. The beauty of our session is we will BOTH be working in your accounts getting the project completed. Yes, you do get to hand over the work to me that you do not like to do or haven't learned yet lol.

30 Days of Email Support

Ready To Book Your After Party?

If you are ready to get to selling and offering your services to others, click the button below to purchase your private time with me.

Investment: $500 for one party

Know you have a big project?

Purchase 2 parties and save $150

2 After Hours Parties: $900

Payment plans available.

Once you've purchased, you'll get access to my calendar to book your strategy session and I will send over an intake packet so we can get started.

I look forward to seeing your biz move forward!


Where will we meet?

We will meet in zoom for our coworking day and our pre-session. The room will be open the entire VIP day session. Pre-make up food so it's easy to grab and you can eat while we work. You will want to keep your mojo flowing which means energy.

What tech do I need?

What you need will depend on the project you want to complete and how you want to deliver it.

HOWEVER, if you have hosting, an email platform, and a paypal account, we can get anything completed.

We will discuss what you may need to sign up for or to create in order to complete your project. If you are starting from zero and we are creating your website then I have suggestions for things to use based on your pricepoints and we'll go from there.

You do not need all the latest gadgets or gizmos. That is just an excuse to use when you are freaking out about getting your biz done.

Homework? HUH

This is your biz and it needs to have your stamp on things, which means your voice. 

After our pre-session meeting you will have some things to complete before our VIP Day. This is to ensure we can get everything completed for the project within the 6 hours.

Don't worry, the goal is to get your project done asap so your homework will be completely doable.

Do you guarantee sales?

I do not make any guarantee on your sales from your project. We will put some marketing in place and a plan for how to go forward, but it is going to take your effort after we put things in place.

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