I Help Biz Owners Create Amazing Events

Hosting your own event grows your list by 100's or 1000's. The collaborations you create with those that participate often lead into long time collabs and new friends.

And that's not even talking about the money you can make from a paid bundle and VIP upsells.

Where In The World

Do You Start?

You want to host a bundle or giveaway, but where in the world do you start?

It's daunting right? You need pages created, upgrades, emails, affiliate info, recruit contributors and then what most entrepreneurs dread...all the customer service as you coordinate everyone into one awesome event.

And if you want to run a top-notch bundle or summit, those aren't even all the things to cover.

All of that, PLUS, your day to day business stuff.

I know you cringed and are thinking "Forget it!"

But, you also know the amazing potential for growing your community and making sales. You can't get over how much it will put you as the expert in your market and grow your email list.

You know, that email list will seriously help your business grow and bring in new customers.

Bundles, summits, and giveaways are amazing for growing that email list and if done right, also for getting people from outside your usual community.

I have your solution...

I Love Bundles, Summits and Giveaways!

This is where I tell you I could talk about online events all day, every day.

Except my story is a bit more than "could". I DO talk about online events all day, every day. I'm in multiple JV meetings a week with businesses looking for collaborations. Ideas are constantly flowing through my head for new events and how to improve events I see out there.

I bring these ideas to my consulting with you. Together we create an event that sets you and your business apart. You have your idea for an amazing event and I'll help you make it even more powerful!

You gain access to my system to keep you organized and it's set up with deadlines so you hit the ground running.

Your online event is different and I treat it that way. I customize my system to exactly how you want YOUR event to be run.

How Do You Make It Happen?

One-on-one Consulting

Your event WILL be unique and if it's the first time you've run a bundle or giveaway then you have a lot of questions.

And I have answers!

Start Out Organized

I've been tweaking my system since 2018 as each event got bigger and bigger.

Stay organized and know what needs to be completed when.

Forms Created For you

I always get my client's forms set up asap so it's not an excuse to procrastinate.

This solidifies that YOUR event is happening and gets you rolling with the invites.

Val Selby

Nice to meet you!

My name is Val

I've been consulting and managing online events since 2018.

As of the beginning of January 2024 I've worked on or hosted over 40 bundles, giveaways, & summits. A good majority of those run annually as I create events that everyone looks forward to.

You'll see in our first meeting that I'm extremely passionate about using events to create new partnerships and collaborations. That's because the one thing all of us entrepreneurs are looking for is ideal customers. Creating your event makes that happen!

What They Say

“Running a community joint venture, whether it's a bundle, a summit, or a grand challenge... it gains all of it's energy from the top down. A project will never have more energy and intensity that it is given from it's leadership and that's why I count Val Selby an invaluable leader to work with. She understands the process from beginning to end and effectively follows through, giving me great peace of mind every step.”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your work on the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle, Val. You made it so super easy on me and I feel like I should be worried that we've missed something, but when I look I see you've just got it all covered. It was so awesome knowing you were there to back me up as we worked through making this sale as awesome as it can be. I'm looking forward to working with you on the next!”

I've Got You!

Are you feeling the nervous excitement because you know, YOU JUST KNOW, you are about to make some magic happen?

I've got you the entire way and here's more about that.

Consulting Form

After payment you will be immediately taken to my consulting form so I can get more information about you, your business, and the ideas you have for your event. Put it all down. It doesn't have to make sense. That's what your onboarding session will be for.

50-Minute Onboarding Session

You are going to get on my schedule asap. In this session we will get your concept nailed down and dates set.

My System

After our onboarding session I will get my system set up for your event in Asana. This will include deadlines for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!


Based on your event, I will create the appropriate forms for participants to sign up. I find this to be an important step for you. My creating them keeps you from procrastinating. It gets you doing the invites right away and talking to everyone with excitement.

1:1 Sessions

This package includes 4 hours of 1:1 sessions to go over anything that pops up in the months of prep. These are typically broken into 30 minute sessions so we can do regular check ins.

Voxer M-Fri

Things come up and believe me, no one knows this more than I do! Getting quick answers helps you move past the mental block as you are working on your online event. You have 3 months access to me on voxer M-Fri 9am-4pm PT. But...a little secret...it's typically more than that bahahaha My voxer is only for my VIP clients so I keep it open more hours than my boundaries say.


Let's Make Your Event Happen!

Private consulting for only $1997

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