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There is more to life than one hurdle after another, and sometimes we need new perspectives to stop challenges from derailing us so our goals remain within reach.

Work Life - Home Life Bundle is about taking control of your day instead of letting the day control you.

Whether you're a full-time entrepreneur, working a side hustle, keeping homeschoolers happy, or carpooling kindergarteners, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with competing priorities vying for our attention.

No matter what your daily drama looks like, balancing work and home responsibilities are no small feat. Work Life – Home Life Bundle helps you conquer the chaos and win the war.

Here’s a look at what’s waiting for you on the inside:

  • Simple organizational strategies
  • Mindset methods for entrepreneurs
  • Side hustle success
  • How platforms can transform your business
  • Setting boundaries and sticking to them
  • Scheduling for sanity
  • Self-care suggestions
  • Meal planning made easy

We know that asking for help is hard. Work Life - Home Life Bundle is your go-to guide when the going gets tough.

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here are the amazing products

Done & Done: 1 Workshop,

52 Weeks of Marketing Content

Value $197

You're spending too much time on creating content and it doesn't have to be that way. In this workshop you'll learn how to create a year's worth of content in a snap!

Contributed by Jennifer Covington

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Positive Thinking Secrets

PLR Bundle

Value $47

Positive Thinking Secrets PLR Bundle is a DFY Biz-In-A-Box in the hot Self Development niche with Private Label Rights. That means you can rebrand the content and sell it as your own.

The customizable content will walk your customers through the tools and strategies they need in order to develop a positive mindset. The training delves into 21 proven methods to build a positive mindset, re-program the brain for success and destroy negative limiting beliefs.

Contributed by Chad Eljisr of Strategic PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Live Get Biz Done Challenge

Value $197

Want to know what in the world you should be working on YOUR biz? 

I'm running the fall GBD challenge exclusively for Bundle Bashers with 3 live sessions and a workpart.

Contributed by Val Selby

Personal Use

7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement

Value $47

Email marketing ISN’T scary or difficult at all. In fact, email marketing should be one of the easiest ways to grow your business revenue. I mean, who doesn’t want to make money JUST by sending out emails?

BUT…you DO need an email marketing STRATEGY that will help you ENGAGE your subscribers so that they will be more than willing to BUY whatever products and services that you recommend.

This is why you need to learn 7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement!

Contributed by Faith Lee of Faith's Biz Academy

Personal Use

Inner Balance Meditation

Value $47

ISA Inner Balance Meditation will help you with inner balance in all areas of your life. It will help to release any limiting beliefs, blocks as well as anything preventing you from living an inner balanced and fulfilled life. It will help you activate inner balance in all areas of your life.

Contributed by Patricia Elizabeth

Personal Use

Building Systems to Run Your Business with Confidence

Value $30

This is an entrepreneur’s guide to why you need systems and how to start creating them without feeling overwhelmed and scattered. If you’re ready to hire help or just looking to streamline, automate and optimize, this masterclass takes you step by step through how to document, analyze and identify ways to improve your systems and processes.

Contributed by Dani Schnakenberg of Simplified Business Systems

Personal Use

Life Coaching 101 Workbook

Value $27

You will receive a set of 35-page Life Coaching 101 Workbook with commercial Use rights.

Perfect for therapists, counselors, life coaches, and anyone wanting to set a clear definition and path of the life!

You will receive a set of 35 unique Canva templates!

Mix and match, make more than one lead magnet, workbook, planner, etc for your clients.

Rebrand and Resell.

Contributed by Marcy Bridges Patterson of The Unpopular Mom

PLR and/or Commercial Use

The Fine Art of a Work Life Balance

Value $87

This training course will take the busy, rushed, frazzled trying to do it all woman find the delicate and often lost art of a work/home life balance. It's like the unspoken rules for having and maintaining a work life balance. We will cover topics like how to work smarter not harder, the importance of boundaries and self care, as well as life tasks and priorities!

Contributed by Lisa Mulhern of Perfectly Productive

Personal Use

POWERFUL PURPOSE - Find Your Purpose and Meaning in Life in 2 hours!

Value $55

King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans had a purpose in life. ONE purpose. With which they managed to defeat a million Persian men with just 300.

YOU ARE King Leonidas.

With the SPARTAN SUCCESS SYSTEM, it will be EASY to find your Purpose, build an army of 300 and defeat life's problems effortlessly every single day.

Teaching you how to master the mind, body, and spirit, creating the laser-focus you need to crush your goals.

Contributed by Alexander Graves of SELFCONQUERING

Personal Use

Joy Booster Challenge

Value $98

STRESS, WORRY & OVERWHELM RELIEF. Improve your feelings, in just a few minutes – so that you can feel at ease, full of joy and truly empowered – at work, in your business and at home. LEARN HOW in this powerful step-by-step training online.

Contributed by Joanna Armstrong of BlissyJoy

Personal Use

Work & Life Balance

Survival Kit

Value $197

A Survival Kit to help you balance both aspects of your life. One kit will help you organize both work and home, schedule those important appointments, detail the steps to your projects both at home and at work, track your habits, establish a positive affirmation practice, and develop and grow your mindset.

Contributed by Bluedolphin Crow of Solo Business Breakthrough

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Don't Let Your 3 Hrs Break

Last for 3 Days

Value $37

Taking breaks is important, but sometimes those breaks actually end up breaking your momentum. Here's a tried and tested method to help you get things done faster so you can finally enjoy your guilt free break time without breaking the momentum. And find the work-life balance you crave for!

Contributed by Mayu of Kokumber

Personal Use

Time Management Blueprint

Value $47

Time Management Blueprint is for you if you have felt a little overwhelmed with life and biz in general. You need a little extra help with setting a roadmap that will quickly and efficiently get you from A to B. You have multiple projects and need to hop to it before the year is out. Do yourself a favour and get the Time Management Blueprint to bring a little order to your biz.

I want you to achieve your optimal best this quarter and with a little motivation and a plan mapped out you can totally get there. Remember that quote - "if you want to go far, go together." Together we can master our time.

Contributed by Amber Louise of Lady Boss Nomad

Personal Use

Overcoming & Preventing Entrepreneurial Burnout

Value $47

This Burnout Bundle has a Masterclass and Workbook to help you work out how to overcome and prevent burnout for good.

The Masterclass and supporting Workbook provide all you need to prevent and overcome burnout. The workbook has a quiz, trackers, planners, burnout journal prompts and 101 self- nurturing suggestions to overcome entrepreneurial burnout.

Contributed by Martine Barclay of Redefine Your Edge

Personal Use

Creating Work-Life Balance

Value $27

If you ever struggle to find time in your busy schedule, if your life feels like you are always running a marathon, if you aren't even sure what a balanced life might look like, you need this audio course.

Creating Work-Life Balance presents ten essentials for creating work-life balance and building a business you love. Includes Notes for each episode and Bonus Posters to guide you.

Contributed by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst of KMG Consulting

Personal Use

Business and Boundaries 101: Creating Systems that

Give You Space

Value $34

Learn the simple way to eliminate awkward client communications, feeling like you're never off the clock, and always having your business hanging over your head with Business and Boundaries 101.

Contributed by Kelsie Bentley of Simply Bentley

Personal Use

From Dreamer to Doer

Value $97

Figure Out How to Set Goals the Right Way–and You CAN Make Meaningful Progress Toward Your Biggest Dreams!

During this 4-lesson, course, I’m going to reveal how to set and successfully hit big goals that make your business, life, and the world better. 

Contributed by Petra Monaco of The Rebels Den

Personal Use

How to get brand-loyal customers for life with an

Offer Suite Funnel

Value $33

Using the Offer Suite Funnel concept, you can create a streamlined funnel of your offers that functions as a clear pathway for your client to get from wherever they are on their journey to where they want to be while eliminating overwhelm for them - and for you.

Your clients are smoothly and automatically led deeper down the path of working with you, going deeper into your area of expertise, learning more, and investing more with you on each level. Once they've spent time in your Offer Suite Funnel, they'll become your brand-loyal customers for life.

Contributed by Michelle Pontvert of Like a Mother Movement

Personal Use

Menstrual Mysteries

Value £147 ($174)

Menstrual mysteries helps women to rediscover what they were never taught growing up about their periods. It explores how our menstrual cycles are a source of divine power and how to work with it to plan our lives, honour our sacred temple and learn what true balance is really all about for women.

Contributed by Michelle Ramsundar of Divine Awakening

Personal Use

The Work-Life Balance Bundle

Value $35

You work too much. You don't work enough. You can't shut off your "work" brain enough to relax. You feel like you're always working and it's starting to affect your social and/or family life.

Does this sound like you? Then this bundle is for you! Let's assess where you are, then work on fixing it so you can enjoy your downtime again.

Contributed by Tina Bassett of Tina B's World

Personal Use

Ultimate Caregiver Travel Checklist

Value $47

Put you and your spouse’s mind at ease when traveling whether it’s for family trips or medical reasons!

By taking the time to plan ahead beforehand?

You both can rest easy knowing everything you need to manage your spouse’s illness is taken care of.

Remember planning ahead today can lessen so much stress for tomorrow.

Contributed by Melissa Miller

Personal Use

Plan a Spring Garden

in Winter

Value $47

Dreaming of a spring garden but don't know where to start? Let’s plan your spring garden in the cold of winter!

Whether you're new to gardening or have lots of experience, this course will help you plan the perfect spring garden.

By taking this course you'll be able to choose what to plant for the spring season, determine what you need to get that spring garden ready for planting, and a guide to help you plant seeds and seedlings. By the end of this course, you'll be a pro at planning and planting your own spring garden!

Contributed by Alicia DeVore of Create My Garden

Personal Use

Work/Home Life Balance

Blog Posts Bundle

Value $27

5x PLR (Private Label Rights) blog posts that entrepreneurs (you!) can use for yourself or publish on your website. In today's busy world, these articles will explain how to balance work and home life. Blog posts can be used for personal or commercial use!

Stop the solopreneur overwhelm and get content on your site and a lead magnet to your audience ASAP!

Contributed by Andrea Allen of Living Simply Creative

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Mental Health Planner Templates

Value $27

Our Mental Health templates will provide a way for your clients to take care of their own mental state, and are perfect for caregivers to those with mental health issues.

Use this as your own in your business, or print the PDF version for yourself!

Contributed by Jenn Brockman of Planning Addicts

PLR and/or Commercial Use

COMBO: Room By Room Cleaning Checklists Planner

Value $54

Help your customers balance their work-life and home-life with the fabulous set of 18 cleaning checklist planner pages. From decluttering the kitchen to ordering the home office, this set of prefilled (and gorgeously designed) coloring journal pages are sure to please. Both black & white AND full-color pages. Includes Private Label Rights!

Contributed by Rayven Monique of Color Monthly PLR

PLR and/or Commercial Use

CEO Productivity Pack: Our Best Tools and Tips to Be an Effective CEO

Value $27

This on-demand product includes access to our best tools and tips to boost your productivity and effectiveness as CEO of your small business. Get your business and personal life more organized with our "CEO Productivity Pack" so that you can work smarter, not harder! Includes 5 videos, 2 fillable PDF (reusable) worksheets, 2 checklists and a set of motivational quotes!

Contributed by Jennifer Drago of Peak to Profit

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Spiritual Apothecary Journal and Workbook PLR

Value $47

Compiled for spiritual works. the product contains workspace and journal pages for Moon Tracking, Tarot, Astrology patterns, crystal healing, and more.
Use the pages to create your own unique journal, or workbook. Add extra pages, your own images, create junk journals, and more. Limited only to your imagination!

There are more than 70 pages with 1 full sized book cover and 12 zodiac coloring pages. Great for anyone who needs a log or journal of the spiritual kind.
Add or remove pages, make it your own, use just a few pages relevant to a specific healing, magical, or spiritual theme, including Tarot.

1 PDF for printing (shown in flipbook below)
1 pack of jpg slide images (size anyway you need)
1 PowerPoint file with the basic templates for creating your own books, add your own images.
PLR: You MAY NOT sell this to other authors with PLR rights.
Full license terms inside.

Contributed by Angela Hobbs of Color My Agenda

PLR and/or Commercial Use

PLR Simple Wellness Planner & Tracker Bundle

Value $27

PLR Simple Wellness Planner & Tracker Bundle comes with 24 US Letter size Canva templates in black/white/grey color scheme. These templates help you to plan everyday tasks while being able to incorporate medical appointments, medications, healthy habits, and wellness tracking into your daily routine.

Contributed by Aimee Bagshaw of Imperfectly Aimee K.

PLR and/or Commercial Use

30 Lady Boss Affirmations

Card Deck

Value $27

This set is a beautifully designed card deck which has 30 Lady Boss Affirmations on Printable Cards. Perfect for you and your audience to practice self-affirmation as a lady boss, which is essential to your boss mentality.

Use this Lady Boss Affirmation Cards in your daily life to improve your thinking and release your inner lady boss. Positive affirmations help you in the mood to get started for your day to achieve your goals and brighten your day in personal and business life.

Contributed by Vivian of Clear Crystalo

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Camping Planner

PLR Template

Value $27

This 40 Page PLR Camping Planner Template has everything you need to stay organized and plan the perfect camping trip. Your customers will love it whether you keep it as a full planner or divide it into separate sections or pages to sell as individual products. The graphics are drawn in-house so you won't find them anywhere else!

Contributed by Chelsea Sprague of PLR Friends

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Pink Floral Life Planner

Canva Template

Value $27

This 47-page printable journal comes with full commercial rights (Canva template included). You can upload it (the PDF version) and sell it right away to make money online! Or, customize the Canva template with your unique branding.

This 21-Day Journal with inspirational, thought-provoking prompts features an original pink floral design created by a professional graphic design artist. The journal pages are sized at 8.5 x 11 in Canva. Only free elements are used in Canva, so you DO NOT need to have a Pro Canva Account.

Contributed by Patti Fagan of Patti Fagan Coaching

PLR and/or Commercial Use

Christmas Planner

Value $37

Set yourself up for the Christmas season with this beautiful printable Christmas planner with PLR/commercial use rights.
If you're struggling with feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for the upcoming holidays, this printable Christmas planner is just what you need!

Created with busy folks in mind, this planner contains Christmas planning all in one place so you can organize your days, weeks, and months for the holiday season… because we know that the stress of planning for a holiday can sometimes take away the joy that it's supposed to bring.

Contributed by Gina Jacobs of Hope Blooms

PLR and/or Commercial Use

9 PLR Kid's Article Bundle

Value $28

Struggling to get quality content up on your blog? Getting these 9 PLR articles will help you to put out incredible content in no time. These articles are all related to children and helping them with their confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, and more!

Contributed by Kate Tekurio of KT Content

PLR and/or Commercial Use

$2009 in workshops and products

All for only $37!

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