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Embark on the Christmas in July $9 Train Collaboration and explore an array of exceptional digital resources, each handpicked from top content creators. Perfect for gearing up your online shop for the holiday sales season, these products not only offer great value but also contribute to a vibrant community of shared success.

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Minimum Lovable Product - How I Went from 3 to 3283 Subscribers

Personal Use Only - Value $67

Ready to scale quickly? In this short course, you'll learn the exact steps I took when I grew from 3 to 3283 subscribers in only two months.

The course is designed to show you the power of the Minimum Lovable Products- where you focus on making the simplest, most valuable offering that will delight your audience. You can use this technique for any business plan - not only for list building.

Contributed by Christina Peterson of Passive Income Journeys

Author's Social Media Planner

Personal Use Only - Value $97

Are you an author struggling to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape? Do you want to increase visibility and make DAILY BOOK SALES? Then look no further than the Author's Social Media Planner!

Contributed by Dr. Renee Sunday

Revenue Generating Activities

Personal Use Only - Value $57

A dashboard of 50+ Revenue Generating Activities that focus on the 7 key pillars of business growth so that you can increase your profit and move the needle forward in your business every… single… day.

Contributed by Leticia Collins

Use coupon XMAS23

Holiday Marketing Playbook

Personal Use Only - Value $39

The Holiday Marketing Playbook offers actionable marketing strategies for busy entrepreneurs with limited resources. Through target audience identification, social media, email marketing, website optimization, and customer engagement strategies, you'll achieve exceptional results. Easily create compelling and comprehensive campaigns that captivate your audience and drive Q'4 sales.

Contributed by Rosemary Morretta of TeamSelfCare

Christmas in July Templates Bundle

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $77

Our exclusive Christmas in July Templates Bundle helps you quickly prepare for holiday sales with ready-to-use Canva templates. Save time and effort while delighting your customers with customized gift tags and labels. Boost your sales and increase customer engagement with captivating social media captions. Help customers stay organized and stress-free with our "Home for the Holidays" Planner.

Contributed by Carol Owens of Country Girl Creatives

Christmas PLR Bundle

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $68

Christmas PLR Bundle includes everything you need to plan & execute a successful holiday. It includes the 47-page PLR Christmas Holiday Doodle Planner and lots of fun activities in the 40-page matching PLR Christmas Holiday Doodle Planner Expansion Pack. It also includes 60 PLR Christmas Gift Tags and 40 PLR Christmas Gift Coupons to complement your gifts on Christmas. These are editable in Canva.

Contributed by Aimee Bagshaw of Imperfectly Aimee K.

Use coupon XMAS23

PLR Journal and Planner Bundle

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $67

Looking to stock your shop in time for fall? Grab this bundle of PLR journals and planners for just $9! Easily edit the included Canva templates to make them your own, then sell them on repeat for passive income!

BONUS: 14 pages worth of essential planner inserts - a great addition to just about any printable planner!

Contributed by Amelia of StarreDesign

The Black Friday 2023 Instant Promo Kit

Personal Use Only - Value $47

Save Time and Money with this with this exclusive Done for You Black Friday Promo Bundle. All you have to do is enter your information, customize the templates to fit your brand, and hit send/post! Don't let your business suffer because you're not prepared. Get the Black Friday Done For You Promo Bundle and be ready to make sales.

Contributed by Barrington Paige

Burn Rate Budget Digital Tutorial

Personal Use Only - Value $27

Save time, effort & money with a simpler, smarter budgeting strategy. Grab this tutorial & dive in to discover simple, strategic spending management, *without* tracking purchases or tedious budget categories. It's money management designed for real life!

Contributed by Lindsey of The Family Money Mentor

Use coupon XMAS23

Content Upgrade Bundle

Personal Use Only - Value $30

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and provide valuable content that keeps your readers coming back for more? I have the perfect solution for you - the Content Upgrade Bundle.

Inside, you'll find:
★ Examples of Content Upgrades
★ Content Upgrade Workbook
★ Content Upgrade Email Sequence

Contributed by Desi-Ann Gordon of Caribbean Virtual Assistants

Holiday Essentials Canva Templates

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $37

Don't let the holiday season stress you out. Save time, money AND your sanity with my amazing templates. You can create beautiful checklists, planners, trackers and more in minutes with these easy-to-edit templates. Don't wait until the last minute to get ready for the festive frenzy. Grab these templates today at an incredible Christmas in July deal and enjoy a hassle-free and profitable holiday!

Contributed by Stéphanie Gilbert of Stephie The Happy Mom

DFY Kid's Winter Activity Pack

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $27

Attention, PLR enthusiasts! Say hello to our fun filled Winter Activity Pack, your secret sales-boosting ally this frosty season! Made with the young learners in mind, this pack takes learning and fun to a whole new level! Easy to rebrand and relist on your Etsy, Shopify, or your own site! These are selling like hot cakes on Etsy and Amazon!

Contributed by Marcy Patterson of TheUnpopularMom.com

Use coupon XMAS23

The Santa Prep Pack

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $27

A magically, fun holiday set that will engage the entire family and, even better, encourage kids to go beyond just asking for “stuff.” This set includes traditional wish lists, but also includes activities that focus on doing good, being kind, making goals and brainstorming "gifts of the heart" instead of the pocketbook. (PowerPoint template)

Contributed by Rebecca of That PLR Girl

Online Marketing Automation: Unlock Your Business's Full Potential!

Personal Use Only - Value $47

Online Marketing Automation will empower you with the knowledge and tools to automate your online marketing efforts, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters - growing your business. You'll gain invaluable insights into the latest automation strategies and techniques and learn how to harness the power of automation to drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and maximize your ROI.

Contributed by Leslie Bouldin of BIBE Consulting

Merry Christmas Babies Bundle with Master Resell Rights

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $47

The holidays have arrived early with the Merry Christmas Babies Bundle, and it comes with 74 pages of Christmas Babies and Spirits, in graphic and coloring pages... with Master Resell Rights. It's time to get a jump start on everyone else by creating your Christmas content and products now, and while everyone else is scrambling, you will be converting sales. And that's a very Happy Holidays!

Contributed by Gabrielle Terris of The Magical Bohemian

Use coupon XMAS23

Christmas in July Printable Planner Bundle

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $59

Tap into the full potential of your business with the Christmas in July Printable Planner Bundle. This package features five meticulously crafted planner packages with Private Label Rights (PLR). Customize them to align with your unique vision and voice. Save time by skipping the arduous process of creating planners from scratch. Repurpose, modify, and sell these planners as your own.

Contributed by Deirdre Jones of Weekly PLR Content

Not-So-Live Launch Events

Personal Use Only- Value €9,00 ($9.50)

Host engaging launch events to boost your conversions WITHOUT having to show up live!

Take a peek at my Life-First, asynchronous, time-zone-friendly launch strategy that lets me promote my offers without being chained to my desk (or even at work at all!)

Contributed by Michelle Pontvert

PLR Printable Holiday Traditions Survival Kit

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $47

Be your customers’ hero this holiday with our Printable Holiday Traditions Survival Kit! The kit includes 4 DFY products with commercial use: Family Memory Book, planning journal for parents only, family holiday planner, & BONUS 50 page coloring kit. From meals, printable elf scenes, mindset journal prompts, & all the trackers, it’s there, DFY, and ready to help max out your holiday sales!

Contributed by Mandi Lang of Bmore Sassy Designs

Use coupon XMAS23

The Bloom Digital Phone Planner - Undated

PLR and/or Commercial Use - Value $17

You’ve heard of digital planners, but have you heard of phone planners? This super hot niche just got easier to jump into with our Bloom Undated Digital Phone Planner.
This DFY planner is fully hyperlinked and perfectly sized to fit on most phones.
Designed in Canva, easily drag and drop features to customize this for your own shop!

Contributed by Cherina Booker of Cherie La Vie Designs

Complete Health & Wellness Planner

Personal Use Only - Value $27

The Complete Health & Wellness Planner includes everything you need to start and maintain your own, customized health and wellness journey. The Planner helps you find self care tips that work for you, healthy habits you can form, calendars for organized planning, and fitness trackers with journal pages to reflect on your efforts and successes.

Contributed by Jackie Ruggiero of Active Mom Printables

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How long do I have to purchase the products?

Each product is available for purchase at the $9 deal price until July 30th. We recommend making your purchases early to ensure you don't miss out.

Will I be added to the contributor's list?

Only if you choose to buy a product from them. You'll be interacting directly with the contributor when you purchase their product.

Do I have to use the products immediately?

That's entirely up to you. Once purchased, most of the products offer unlimited access, so you can start using them whenever you're ready.

How will I get my products?

Once you've chosen a deal and clicked on "Buy Now", you'll be taken directly to the contributor's website. There, you'll be able to purchase the product directly from the contributor.

What is the refund policy?

Since you'll be purchasing the products directly from the contributors, refund policies may vary. We recommend reviewing each contributor's refund policy before making a purchase.

How do I know I'm getting a good deal?

Each product in the Christmas in July $9 Train Collaboration is valued at a minimum of $9, with many products valued significantly higher. Each product is being offered at the fantastic price of just $9, so every purchase represents great value.

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