Go Beyond The Event!

Got those fresh fans from the event? Ready to show them even more of your magic? Dive into the 'Beyond the Event' Workshop and uncover the tools to make your product their next logical choice.


The Real Game Starts After the Event

Events are often just the beginning. 'Beyond the Event' is designed to help you connect with that HELL YES product of yours, ensuring you're not just making a momentary impact but building a community of raving fans.

4-Week Intensive Course

Stay on track with a structured approach. Each week focuses on specific tasks tailored to leverage your post-event activities, ensuring sustained engagement without sidelining your main business activities.

Videos & Guide

Quick and efficient insights. Expect no fluff, just actionable content. With our focused videos and the "Beyond the Event" guide, you'll master post-event engagement in just 4 weeks.

Nurture Series Templates

Never lose track of your communication. Use our well-thought-out templates as a beacon to craft an impactful welcome series, ensuring a smooth transition for your event participants into dedicated followers.

Val Selby


Meet Val, the Queen of Bundle Events

Val has been an online marketer and service provider for over 20 years. As the reigning queen of bundle events, she coordinated dozens of successful bundles in all sorts of niches for multiple businesses between 2018 & 2022.

Bundle Bash was born from seeing that her coaching clients and business customers needed events that were more targeted. BB launched in May 2022 and has helped connect 1000's of businesses and buyers. Collaboration is everything!

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Secure Your Spot in the 'Beyond the Event' Workshop

Events make waves, but the real power lies in what happens next. The ripple effect can be transformative for your business, but only if you harness it. The 'Beyond the Event' workshop ensures you don't just make a splash, but create lasting ripples.


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