When Person to Person Is The Name of Your Game...

your entire business is built on connections.

Coaches, Influencers and Thought Leaders

You are called to help others get their wisdom and expertise out to the world.

This takes excellent marketing, finding leads, cranking out workshops & signature products all while staying authentic to yourself...and not burning out.

Whoo, that's a lot while you are also helping clients and members.

All that work can be tough, but so rewarding!

We've brought together experts that feel the same way and want to share their expertise with you. It's time to hit your goals and help more people.

Compelling Connectors Is All About...

helping you get your message out to the world.

  • Create awesome networking opportunities.
  • Launch like you mean it.
  • Branding that attracts your perfect clients
  • Templates to quickly create your challenges & workshops.
  • And so much more options!

17 products to improve your coaching business.

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Your passionate about taking care of your clients and community.

These 17 experts are ready to help you with all aspects of your business.

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Workshops, Courses, Masterclasses, and More...

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Here are the products in the Compelling Connectors 

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Masterclass - How to Create a Luxury Coaching Brand

In this masterclass, you will learn the strategy to create your luxury coaching brand so that you can become a luxury-level international coach, offering a bespoke premium service for a select high-end clientele to whom you can bring out your highest creativity and expertise, and create more income, influence and impact.

We will cover:
-Luxury Mindset and Luxury Brand Embodiment
-Premium Brand Image and Online Presence
-High-end Brand Strategy and the Art Of Selling Luxury

Submitted by Elva Li ~ Elva Li Luxury Branding

Personal Use - Value $197

How To Market Yourself As A Coach

Why do some coaches go broke...while others go for broke and hit the jackpot? It wasn't a 4-figure marketing mentor, long hours, or even coach training. Instead, the successful coaches focused on very specific, actionable steps they could take at each stage...and you'll learn them here.

Submitted by Cathy Goodwin ~ Strategic Storytelling

Personal Use - Value $97

How to Increase Website Traffic and Get More Quality Leads With Your Content

This 4-module training is jam-packed with proven, actionable tips you can use beginning right now to see a jump in your traffic numbers, grow your list, and get more clients.

Each module focuses on one specific method and goes in-depth with multiple strategies that are working today in every niche, so no matter who your ideal client is, you’ll be able to use these techniques to attract their attention.

Submitted by Jeannette Koczela ~ Int'l Assoc of Professional Life Coaches

Personal Use - Value $197

From Business Strategy to Money Magnet!

We all have a dream to be successful in LIFE and in Business, but how successful are you at planning out what steps you need to take in order to achieve high levels of success?

The Strategy to Money Magnet Worksheets are great self-assessment tools to help you identify what areas of business you are struggling with the most and they are amazing tools that will help you unravel what the next steps should be so that you can start seeing the results you know you deserve!

Submitted by Tina Collura ~ See Yourself Grow

Personal Use - Value $297

GROW Your Audience with Social Media Email Challenge

Doing social media for your business doesn’t have to be a mystery. Let’s take the daily frustration out of your biz life, I’ll help you understand the basics. If you’ve been doing social media for your new business for a while and are feeling yucky, this 5-day Grow Your Audience Email Challenge is a great way to review and reset. Let the win-win begin!

Submitted by Yamilette Williams ~ Keep It Simple Coach

Personal Use - Value $27

Jumpstart Your Networking to Monetize All Those Connections!

Are you attending numerous Zoom networking calls, events, and meetings yet hardly anyone is following up with you or reaching out to work with you? Then you probably could use some help "working the zoom room"! We have non-salesy, very engaging approaches to really maximizing any event online and in person so you can get more clients and referral sources consistently.

Submitted by Katrina Sawa ~ JumpstartYourBizNow.com

Personal Use - Value $297

The Send and Sell System

This is not your typical email sequence template pack. Instead of giving you a bunch of wooden fill-in-the-blank templates with gaping holes where you do the hard part, I'm breaking down the actual mechanics of planning a great sequence and then showing you how to approach each individual email. You'll get a strategic overview of 8 different kinds of email sequences, an email-by-email plan, and then ideas for how to write each email in the sequence. Plus there's bonus training on "regular" storytelling emails that build connections and make you sales. The result? UN-boring, one-of-a-kind emails that sound like you and are easier to write... more fun for your audience to read... and more productive for your bottom line.

Submitted by Ashley Gainer ~ The Ink Well Guild

PLR - Value $37

Show Up To Blow Up

Afraid to put yourself out there? I don't blame ya but it's hard to be the world's top coach and be the world's best kept secret all in one if you get my drift.

Now is the time for action, now is the time to put those big girl panties on and say god dammit, I can do this, I am enough, I have a message to share with this world and I ain't going to quit until I have. I am here to leave a legacy and today's the day I start, the day I shine!

Let me help you do this with my roadmap designed to get you visible, catapult you to famedom, attract those dreamy soul mate clients and scale your business with ease. Not only this but you get a tonne load of templates, checklists, swipes, and more. So don't let those mind monkeys, that fear stop you from creating the connections and cash you deserve!

Submitted by Lisa Mulhern ~ Perfectly Productive

Personal Use - Value $98

Visibility Plan

In this mini training, you'll get access to 17 different strategies that you can use to help you to increase your visibility and get more eyes on your business so you can start generating more income in your business.

Submitted by Lucille Roache ~ Asset Business Consultancy

Personal Use - Value $33

30 Day Summit Site Bootcamp

Learn how to create a summit site on WordPress in 30 days!
The exact step-by-step Road Map to set up your site in WordPress with everything you need to run an amazing transformational summit.
Live cohort starts July 11th (You can access the recordings anytime after)
30-Day Google Calendar
Access to daily videos
Resources and support

Submitted by Anchen Le Roux ~ Simply Digital Design

Personal Use - Value $97

Product Launch Marketing Plan Training & Workbook

If you're like most business owners, you launch new offers on social media and hope all your fans and followers hit the buy button. If you're like most entrepreneurs, this usually happens: nothing.

Instead of stressing, watch this training and complete this workbook, and you will have a complete marketing plan to drive sales for your next product launch!

Submitted by Kemya Scott ~ Marketing Sparkler

Personal Use - Value $39

Notion for Digital Entrepreneurs

This Notion template pack will help you create a digital business headquarters that works for your brain and business. Alongside the templates, you also get a combined 90+ minutes of walkthrough videos to help you customize them to your specific needs.

Submitted by Dani Schnakenberg ~ Simplified Business Systems

Personal Use - Value $50

Self-Development Blog Posts Bundle

The Self-Development Blog Posts Bundle will give you the content you need to add to your blog, coaching programs, and/or add into emails to grow your audience. Save time and energy with done-for-you quality content that you can choose to modify (or not) the blog posts, printable, and mockup as you see fit to suit your business!

Submitted by Andrea Allen ~ Living Simply Creative

PLR - Value $37

Collaborate Your Way to Success Planning Guide & Masterclass

You want to work with others but aren't sure where to start.
Grab this guide to discover the best ways to collaborate for your business whether you are just starting out or are looking for more advanced strategies.
Includes 25+ ways to work with others & the factors that affect which method is best for you plus a 90-minute live masterclass where you can get your questions answered.

Submitted by Cindy Carothers ~ Make Your Marketing Pay Off

Personal Use - Value $47

NEW Canva Templates - Summer Edition PLR

The customizable Canva Templates help coaches, influencers, and thought leaders connect with their audience and future coaching members by creating easy content on inspirational challenges, and outcome-driven projects in their chosen niche. The templates are designed in beautiful vibrant summer colors. Clients can make their own unlimited calendars, planners, printables, workbooks, and challenges with these templates.

Submitted by Dee Pawar ~ P4 PLR

PLR - Value $37

3 Easy Steps to Newsletter Success

This workbook is for you if you are frustrated, stressed, or simply not creating a newsletter. Your audience needs to hear from you... because you can be sure they are hearing from your competitor. This workbook will walk you through how to plan content for your newsletter. We'll use a simple "3" process to keep it easy, concise, and focused.

You will be guided through:
components of a newsletter
where to focus your efforts
newsletter idea topics
call to action statements
And you'll build a solid newsletter mindset where you'll enjoy creating your newsletter as often as you like!

BONUS: Self-Guided Program The PST Approach to Awesome Newsletters

Submitted by Marianne D'Alessandro ~ TimeFlies-Admin Services

PLR - Value $87

Canva Editable Branding Kit/Welcome Kit

This is a 50-page Welcome Kit/Branding Kit for new clients, completely customizable in Canva!

Submitted by Marcy Bridges Patterson ~ The Unpopular Mom

PLR - Value $27

make money plr

Make Money Selling PLR

Your coaching clients want to know how to make money online. There are many ways. One way that serves as a viable online business model is selling PLR, or private label rights content.

Submitted by Dina ~ Wordfeeder

PLR - Value $47

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