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Welcome to Bundle Bash, the platform for driving growth through powerful collaboration. Since our launch in 2022, we've emerged as the beacon for organizing transformative events tailored for individuals seeking end-of-year balance and productivity.

What sets us apart? Our signature touch in curating giveaways that resonate with seasonal challenges. With distractions amplifying as the year winds down, our Groovy Life Giveaway is tailored to provide resources that inspire focus and persistence.

At Bundle Bash, our philosophy revolves around building a community that thrives together. Through the Groovy Life Giveaway, we aspire to present resources and training that embolden individuals to navigate year-end hurdles with tenacity and finesse.

Join us in this journey towards a resilient close to the year. With the Groovy Life Giveaway, let's conquer, celebrate, and charge ahead!

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Rosemary Morretta of TeamSelfCare

Sleigh Your Way to Q4 Success

  • Personal Use Only

Discover the solution for an outstanding Q4 with Sleigh Your Way to Q4 Success. This toolkit is designed to elevate your business during the holidays. Embrace the festive spirit, completing tasks in 30 minutes or less – a small investment with big returns. Starting October 1st, do one task daily for 90 days. Experience quick wins and significant progress, boosting your Q4 revenue.


Estelle Defrance of PLR for Your Success

2024 Monthly Smartphone PLR Planner

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Are You Ready to Help Your Customers and Yourself Stay Ahead of Your Busy Schedule and Effortlessly Manage Your Tasks, Appointments, and Goals? Let me introduce the cutting-edge digital organizer: the 2024 Monthly Smartphone Planner is your ultimate tool for conquering your goals and managing your time effectively. With Commercial Use/PLR included, you have the opportunity to customize and brand this planner to make it uniquely yours.


Nicole Moore of Simplify Design PLR

Simplified Spreadsheets PRO

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Remember how you said this was the year you'd start selling your spreadsheets? Then you worried you'd forget something and they didn't seem good enough? Don't worry! We've got you covered for all this! Simplified Spreadsheets is a Seller Resource designed to help you create and package your best possible product without fear of forgetting a thing and ensuring you maximize the sale.




Rebecca Brockman of That PLR Girl

Black Friday: Square Promo Posts

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

The holidays are coming! Let's make this the most wonderful time of year for your business too... starting with an epic Black Friday promotion! This set of square social posts will help you grab the attention of people who can't wait to find out about your amazing offers.


Aimee Bagshaw of Imperfectly Aimee K.

PLR Meal Planning Bundle

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

PLR Meal Planning Bundle comes with 70 pages of Canva templates in four sizes- US Letter, A4, A5, and 8×10! This bundle will help you or your customer with all of your meal-planning needs! It comes with daily, weekly, and monthly meal-planning pages, grocery lists, pantry inventory, and so much more!


Shelley Merchant of Taming Frenzy

The Frenzy Tamer's Guide to Meal Planning

  • Personal Use Only

Let's face it...getting dinner on the table every night can be a real chore. During the busy autumn and holiday months, you're already overloaded with activities & events. So how can we turn dinner time from a dreaded task to an enjoyable time with family? The Frenzy Tamer's Guide to Meal Planning can help. Knowing what to cook will simplify your life and your day.




Danielle Maxwell of Butterflies and Tulips

Groovy Life Planner

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Being positive is my secret to happiness! This PLR Canva Template Planner/Journal is packed with prompts to help your customers look at the brighter side of life! There are 60 pages that you can customize to fit your brand! You can mix and match the planner pages into other products, also! Download today and list it on your site or shop tonight!


Shelley Foster of SimplyRelaxedStudio

Intentional Positivity Workbook

  • Personal Use Only

This 26-page workbook is designed to help women to be more positive. It features worksheets learn to live a happier life free from negative thoughts & anxiety. Reframe your thoughts through self-reflection to gain clarity and understanding. Affirmations empower & uplift, and daydreaming pages encourage creative thinking & visualization. Create a life filled with joy, purpose, & fulfillment.


Mona Leboudy

Focus Forward: Monthly Goal Mapping for Success

  • Personal Use Only

Ready to step into your power, stay focused, and make this year your best one yet, then the Focus Forward is your perfect sidekick!
With the Focus Forward, you’ve what you need to stay on track and make progress towards your dreams. It's not just an ordinary planner – it's a personal cheerleader, accountability partner, and goal-setting guru, all rolled into one!


Robin Fritz of Change In Thought

Freedom From Frazzled: Take Your Time Back!

  • Personal Use Only

Now more than ever we find ourselves struggling to take care of ourselves because we’re taking care of everything and everyone else. Yes, there’s lots to do and get done, but what about the machine behind it all? Yes, YOU!
Imagine checking off your to-do list and still having time for your wish list (and not staying up late into the night to catch up!)

Get your time back with “Freedom From Frazzled!"


Melissa Chadowski of Stunning Jade

First Quarter Playbook Guide

  • Personal Use Only

You are in the midst of the first quarter. Let's continue to build on a solid foundation for this school year! There are printable and fillable guides for your and your children to utilize to help the school year run smoothly. You have a lot on your plate, so let's organize and prioritize as more responsibilities and the school to-do lists add up.


Karen Miller of Ravynwood

Boundaries for Empaths

  • Personal Use Only

Feeling overwhelmed? The Boundaries for Empaths course helps guide you through the process of evaluating where you’re at now, what’s working and what’s not and how to establish and keep your healthy boundaries. Understand what it means to be an empath, regain control of your emotions and create meaningful connections to others without feeling like you're compromising yourself.


Lolita Cleveland

Breaking Boundaries: A Transformational Journal For Women Entrepreneurs

  • Personal Use Only

Breaking Boundaries isn't just about identifying your self-limiting beliefs – it's about rewriting the narrative. Every page is a canvas for your transformational artistry, where you'll replace negative notions with radiant affirmations, painting a picture of success that's so vivid it'll feel like you're already there.


Michele Morales of Joy-Filled Planning

Empowered Mom Goal Mastery Workbook

  • Personal Use Only

Are you tired of struggling to balance work and family life?

It's time to rewrite the rules and become the empowered mom you're meant to be. Get ready to conquer your goals and reclaim your time!

Join the Empowered Mom Goal Mastery now! Grab your FREE Goal Mastery Workbook and Email Challenge. Elevate your success, embrace motherhood, and become the empowered mom you are destined to be!


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