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But how in the world do you know which platform is perfect for you?

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Platforms Transform Your Business

Into Money Making Machines

There are many platforms to choose from, how do you know which ones will be a good fit for your business and how your brain works?

We know you don't have time to go through a major learning curve, just to find out it didn't do what you'd hoped.

So we've brought in experts to help YOU figure it out.

Use More Bells And Whistles

We don't know about you, but we've signed up for platforms and then never done more than the basics with it.

These platforms can do really cool things and automate the heck out of your biz. Which makes your life just a tad easier.

And every time you can do something easier, it benefits your business like crazy.

Maybe the tutorials weren't great or you just didn't even know the things you could be doing so you never looked for info.

This is why we've asked experts to come in and show you how to use various platforms. You don't know what you don't know, right?

What Do You Wish To Improve?

  • Build your site for sales! - Yes, we have Wordpress trainings, but there are many more options on the internet! Kartra, Kajabi, Podia, Shopify, Squarespace, Etsy, and aMember workshops to get you finding the perfect place for your biz. 
  • Nothing basic about social media. - Dig into Instagram and learn Facebook Ads!
  • List info so you can communicate with your community! - Want to set up ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign smart from the start? Our experts will help you with that.  
  • Marketing on your agenda? Of course it is! - Learn how to intentionally grow your podcast for huge reach. Check out how to make product trailers in Canva. Or set up your media/PR kit and reach out with intention.
  • Create your own content! - Marketing, journals, planners, and more for for your clients using Affinity, Canva
  • Of course you want to stay organized. - Check out Asana for full biz organizing or dig into the  Clickup/Trello workshop for launch planning.
  • Who doesn't want to automate more? - Zapier connects so much stuff, so jump into the workshop to see how your tech can connect more.

Don't let your head spin with all of that.

We even have a masterclass to help you figure out exactly what tech YOU need! 

All of this training is included in the Powerful Platforms Bundle. It's waiting for you to access and grow your business right this minute.

Workshops, Masterclasses, and More...

$2,557 in Products!

for only $47

But act fast! Sale ends August 14th.


You missed out!

Below is exactly what is included.

Kartra Kickstarter - Email List-Building Funnel

KARTRA KICKSTARTER - 1-Day Live Workshop $997 Value

Kartra Kickstarter is a 5 Module Training Program to build your Email List-Building Funnel using my high-converting Landing Pages, Thank You Pages & OTO Templates Plus my Marketing Tech Secrets. For demo purposes, you get access to a 14-Day Kartra Trial for $1 that can be canceled at the end of the trial and you get to keep the Templates.

Submitted by Christine Bennet-Clark ~ Digital Business Success

Personal Use - Value $997

Audience Growth Toolkit

As part of the Powerful Platforms Bundle, you'll receive ...

AUDIENCE GROWTH CALENDAR MINI-COURSE: Day-by-day action to grow your audience in just 15 minutes a day. ($97 value)

HOW TO LAND PODCAST INTERVIEWS MINI-COURSE: A step-by-step process to help you get interviewed on podcasts. ($47 value)

QUICKLY & EASILY CREATE 5 POWERFUL LEAD MAGNETS MINI-COURSE: Examples of 5 lead magnets you can create from existing content. ($47 value)

$191 Total Value!

Submitted by Erik K. Johnson ~ Podcast Talent Coach

Personal Use - Value $191

aMember Pro Kickstart Course

Your step-by-step guide to setting up a powerful checkout platform on your WordPress website! The aMember Pro checkout platform is great for selling any type of digital products including printables, courses, membership programs and even allows you to run your very own affiliate program on the same platform!

Submitted by Faith Lee ~ Faith's Biz Academy

Personal Use - Value $27

Canva Power Tips to Help You Create Content and Marketing Materials

D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Content Creation Specialist brings you an exciting mini course called: Canva Power Tips to Help You Create Content and Marketing Materials. Canva is an online content creation program with both free and Pro levels. Canva provides you with design tools and resources to make creating content a breeze.

In this mini-course you have access to a collection of Canva Power Tips including:

*An introduction to Canva
*How to Align and Position Elements
*Working with Lines on Canva
*How to Lock Elements on Your Canvas
*How to Add Embellishments to Text and Images
*How to Pull in Pictures from Pixabay
*Where to Find Grid View
*Where to Find Gold Brush Strokes
*How to Pull in Pages from Canva Folders
*And more...

Submitted by Dvorah Lansky ~ Share Your Brilliance

Personal Use - Value $47

Do What's Next - Asana

A Shortcut To Managing Your Business...Using A Free Tool

It's time to tackle your project management system! Egads! That sounds utterly boring. But what if I told you that this one skill will help you find ooodles of extra time in your week?

-Discover shortcuts that will have you using the free version of Asana just as easily as the paid (Don't pay for it. Unless you like giving money away.)

-Create your SOPS! Don't know what that means? That means you can take a break from your business and have it run without you!

-Ready to Outsource? You will be. You'll get access to my Daily Task Templates as well as my Onboarding Templates which will allow you to duplicate my flow while making this system uniquely your own.

Submitted by Lady Rayven Monique ~ Color Monthly PLR

Personal Use - Value $97

Building Your First List with Convert Kit Live Workshop

Email marketing is essential when you're running an online business, and your choice of autoresponder plays a huge role in your success!

In this LIVE WORKSHOP, I will be sharing a walkthrough of my favorite email software - Convert Kit - from setting up your account to getting your first subscribers and following up with them.

Submitted by Ruth Bowers ~ Ritchie Media

Personal Use - Value $47

simple activecampaign set-up course

Simple ActiveCampaign Set-up Workshop

AC has a lot of bells and whistles, but don't let that blow your mind. 

I have it broken down into nice, manageable videos that will get you connecting with your community quickly and automating like a superstar.

Plus, I tell you WHY I have things set up the way I do so you are organized from the start.

Submitted by Val Selby

Personal Use - Value $97

Squarespace Website Strategy Workshop

Turn online strangers into paying clients by crafting your website from a place of service to connect with, nurture and convert real humans on the other side of a screen.
The Website Strategy Workshop is a practical, hands-on live training covering everything you need to know about crafting your website from a place of service to connect with, nurture and convert real humans on the other side of a screen.

You’ll learn how to map out the flow and structure of your website to guide perfect-fit people to excitedly book a call or fill in your contact form, without having to spend your precious time answering the same questions over and over again in the DMs.

Submitted by Michelle Pontvert

Personal Use - Value $110

Launch Planning Templates for ClickUp & Trello

Take the stress out of mapping out your launch! With a few clicks, map out your launch in ClickUp or Trello. Customize your new template with your own branding, team members & due dates. The key tasks are already there for you so you don't forget a thing! BONUS task lists are included for a variety of different launch types or strategies.

Submitted by Lindsay Peragine ~ Key Lime Media LLC

Personal Use - Value $37

Sell Your Digital Products on Shopify

Shopify is the perfect platform for selling digital products, it's easy to set up and really affordable. This course teaches you how to quickly set up a Shopify store to start selling your digital products right away!

Submitted by Erin Alexander ~ Product Powerhouse

Personal Use - Value $97

Complete Guide to Instagram for Business

Whether you are just starting your business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, you know much of your growth and success depends on how you market your business.
The Instagram platform has gained massive popularity in the marketing field. Relationships, Engagements, and Sales are being made on Instagram every single day.
If you've never used Instagram before, it may seem a bit daunting. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

BONUS: Get 12 Canva Created Instagram sized (1080 x 1080) Quote Templates
You Can Start Posting Immediately!

Submitted by Carlene Kelsey ~ Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions

Personal Use - Value $37

30 Days of Instagram Content

Does Instagram make you want to light your hair on fire? Get 30 days of caption templates, Canva graphics, story prompts, and reels delivered to your inbox. Start showing up the way you've always wanted to and FINALLY get the results you've been hoping to get from social media!

Submitted by Doreen Vanderhart ~ Knap Creative

Personal Use - Value $35

Author & Authority Media & PR Kit

Are you an Author looking to build your Authority? Do you need help building your Influence and profitably publishing low content/no content publications?

Having an Author & Authority Media & PR Kit helps build your Authority by getting featured in Major Media and Press.

The Author & Authority Media & PR Kit helps you:

Identify, Build, and Craft Your Story–Wisely–to Escalate into a Piece of Effective News.

Share 4 methods for Getting the Maximum Attention possible to Generate Your Best Results.

Analyze The Performance Metrics That Allow you to Reach the Right Resonance with your Audience.

Submitted by Tara Hayes ~ Tarrafied Publishing, LLC

PLR - Value $27

GREAT Tech Choices Masterclass

You want visibility for your business and that means marketing online. But the options, tools, prices and learning curve can be so overwhelming! You figure you’re just not ‘techie’ and it makes you want to throw your hands up and cry ‘HELP!’ You stress about making the ‘right’ choices?
Even though I’m kind of a techie, I was in your shoes and learned lessons the hard/expensive way. So I created the GREAT Tech Choices system to help online solopreneurs make tech decisions that are right for them, with fewer headaches. In the 2-part, live masterclass, learn how to confidently make not just better, but GREAT tech choices.

Submitted by Jennifer Burke ~ Mighty Marketing Mojo

Personal Use - Value $47

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Bundle

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Bundle will help you grow your email list full of clients who WANT your offers. The Ultimate Facebook Ad Bundle walks you through our 5 step system on how to have a working, converting Facebook Ad, shows you how to put together a Facebook Ad step by step, and guides you on the 3 things you need to know so you don't waste money on Facebook Ads. If you've ever wanted to use Facebook Ads for your business, this bundle will help you with EVERYTHING you need to know!

Submitted by Kristen Robinson ~ Explode Your Audience

Personal Use - Value $97

'Magnificent Autumn' Product Trailer Video Template and Training


You will receive training about what a Product Trailer Video is, the importance of using them in your business, and where to share them. Plus you will get a Product Trailer Video template with an Autumn theme which is suitable for all niches.

You will be able to quickly and easily make a Product Trailer Video for your product(s). Your Product Trailer Video Template already has images, animation, ‘swirleys’, stars, movement and themed graphics added. Just add your own product images and verbiage, personalize with your brand, choose your music, download, and share. You can easily add physical product graphics, printable product graphics, coaching graphics, etc. to the templates.
Finish your Product Trailer Videos in minutes rather than hours
You don’t need to get in front of the camera. All you need is the FREE version of Canva to create your Product Trailer Videos for your products.

Product Trailer Videos will help you get more eyeballs on your products, increase customer engagement and increase your sales!

Submitted by Holli Rovenger ~ Enthroned Empress

Personal Use - Value $47

How To Easily Create Dated Planners In Affinity Publisher Using Automation

Create dated planners and calendars in Affinity Publisher quickly and easily, even if you have never used Affinity Publisher before. There is no steep learning curve, just showing the simple tools you need and providing you with the Excel and CSV files that remove all the hard work of doing it yourself.

Submitted by Kerie Hinchliffe ~ Dream Creative Bee

PLR - Value $27

Automate Your Business With Zapier

Systems and Automation are the crux of any successful leveraged business. Zapier makes this possible for small solopreneurs to large agencies alike. We've all been there, spending hours fiddling about with several tools and apps, just wishing they would do what they are meant to. Getting one up and running only to fall flat with the other, which you know is the missing piece in your marketing puzzle. I get it, the tech headaches, the frustration, weren't these things designed to make life easier for you. Is the whole buy back your time with automation all a big lie, because so far what you are experiencing is so consuming more of your time manually trying to get everything to work. Expending time and energy, and a lot of blood sweat and tears, well okay maybe not blood but certainly lots of sweat and tears trying to get something to work that seems impossible.

Cue Zapier.... Zapier connects your work apps, from lead generation to customer service, essentially getting them to talk to each other, and work in tandem, freeing up your precious time by doing the heavy lifting for you so that you get more focus and less frustration.

The goal with Zapier is to make it easy for non-programmers to connect different online services and automate tasks. And that's why I believe it should be a staple of any entrepreneur's online toolbox!

Cut down your learning curve and grab my guide to Automating Your Business the smart way with Zapier in an easy-to-follow manner!

Submitted by Lisa Mulhern ~ Perfectly Productive

Personal Use - Value $55

Write Words Make Money

Discover how to use the power of words to sell your handmade products in a totally non-sleazy way. 8 laser-focused video lessons covering everything you need to captivate your customers' interest in you and your products.

Up your game on social media, product listings, email marketing - anywhere you communicate with your customers.

Submitted by Jacqueline ~ Marketing and Heart

Personal Use - Value $197

WordPress Skills

Need a website for your emerging business dreams but have no clue where to start? You could spend hours looking for free resources on YouTube, take an expensive course online or at a nearby college. Or you could just buy our newly released complete WordPress Skills system from Rethink Your Lifestyle and Patrysha. More than just a self-guided web course, you’ll get interactive responses to your burning questions plus all the tools and resources you need to build your website quickly - and stress-free. Built by not one, but two, professional educators and marketers with over 50 years of combined experience in digital and traditional marketing.

Submitted by Michelle Waters and Patrysha Korchinski ~ Rethink Your Lifestyle

Personal Use - Value $97

Start a Printable Biz & Make Passive Income Course by Cherie La Vie Designs (BETA)


In this BRAND NEW course by Cherie La Vie Designs, I will take you through the process of starting an Etsy Printable Shop and help you design printables in 4 of the most popular niches. You'll learn how to get started quickly in Canva, how to brand your Etsy shop to make it cohesive, and design printables. The course is over the shoulder as we design kids' printables, posters, bachelorette items, and a weekly planner template.

Because this is my very first course, I am inviting Powerful Platform buyers to join the Beta Group. I will have 2 exclusive Q&A sessions where I will answer any of your questions & design 1 more printable live. All I ask for is feedback on the course.

Submitted by Cherina Booker ~ Cherie La Vie Designs

Personal Use - Value $97

Podia, Pronto!

Launch your digital presence fast with Podia's free plan!

Quickly create a simple website, prepare to start building your email list with an opt-in gift, form, and auto-responder sequence, set up a free community, and schedule free discovery calls all without a credit card. Share your new site to capture the email addresses of people who want to hear from you, and send out email campaigns in Podia.

Perfect for Etsy sellers, KDP publishers, coaches, and service providers.

Submitted by Amy Smereck ~ Fruitful Freelancing

Personal Use - Value $47

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