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September Self-Care Bundle

Welcome to September Self-Care Bundle!

Whether you've been an entrepreneur for two years or 20, feeling good mentally and physically is essential for success.

When we treat ourselves well, we increase motivation, gain energy, and approach every day with excitement versus exhaustion.

Besides helping us lead happier lives, self-care enhances our relationships and makes us better business owners. Still, there's no doubt that sticking with self-care can be challenging, especially if you have too many tasks and not enough time.

So if you're wondering if there's a solution, we have one.

We Know Self-Care Isn't One Size Fits All

Self-care encompasses many things, and people define it differently. Because our self-care needs are constantly changing, you'll find many topics in our "bundle of plenty," including managing emotions, reducing stress, developing healthy habits, the power of staying positive, and more!

We've created September Self-Care to benefit your mind, body, and spirit, and we believe it's your ultimate self-care guide.

With our best workshops, e-courses, and classes, you'll be in self-care mode before the start of the Fall season.

Buy now if you're ready for life-changing transformation.

Our September Self-Care Bundle is waiting for you, and it's an investment in yourself you won't regret.

Workshops, Courses, Journals, and More...

$1,407 in Product

for only $27!

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Welcome to September Self-Care Bundle!

Here are the amazing products included... for only $27! 

Self-Care for Profits Bootcamp

Being your best self improves your bottom line.

But more than that, it improves everything in your life. You enjoy more hours in your day. You have fun creating your business.

This 4-week bootcamp will help you gain new habits and an improved mindset.

Submitted by Val Selby

Personal Use - Value $89

Bucket List Coloring Journal Pages - with PLR Rights!

What's on your bucket list? What places do you want to see, food do you want to try, classes you want to take? Explore all these possibilities - and more - with this 35 page colorable journal, filled with list-style explorations with gorgeous graphics designed to get your daydreaming activated! Plus, with PLR rights, this package will make a beautiful addition to your store.

Submitted by Lady Rayven Monique - Color Monthly PLR

PLR - Value $52.50

Confidence Becomes Me – Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book

"Confidence Becomes Me" Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book is designed to help you start a new conversation with the voice inside your head.

So many of us have felt lack, or that we are not enough, causing us to lose confidence in ourselves. These thoughts are simply programming that was taught to us; it's time to teach ourselves the truth: we are beautiful, perfect beings, worthy of the most glorious love on earth - our own.

This simple coloring book featuring body positive affirmations, and lined journal pages is designed to invite new thoughts.  

Submitted by Lady Rayven Monique - Abundability

Personal Use - Value $30

Evolve from Negativity

You don't have to feel guilty about scrolling through an Instagram feed. If you're feeling a little burned out from social media, then Evolve from Negativity is the course for you.

You'll be taken on a deep but positive journey that will change your perspective on how people use social media and for what. Making sure to not judge yourself for "living your best online life," this course provides timeless, practical, and significant guidance from real-life experience.

Submitted by Phung Tran ~ Be Active is Easy

Personal Use - Value $57

Self-Care PLR Article Bundle

PLR articles are incredible for helping you quickly, easily, and efficiently publish content to your site. This self-care PLR article bundle includes 7 articles, all 1000+ words, and are written by someone with a background in psychology.

You can combine all articles to create a new ebook or publish them on your website. The options are endless!

Submitted by Kate Tekurio ~ KT Content

PLR - Value $42

The Ultimate Busy Woman's Self-Care Bundle

If you thought you don't have time for self-care, then this bundle is for you. It has been put together with the busy woman in mind, so it gives you the essentials you need to easily start incorporating self-care into your life.

Use this bundle to design, start and track your self-care activities, so you can enjoy the benefits of self-care today.

Submitted by Martine Barclay ~ Redefine Your Edge

Personal Use - Value $37 (AU)

Women's Productivity Life Planner & Checklist

This is a 23-page Workbook to help you get organized in 2022 by setting up the days in your business for success!

It includes:

  • How to succeed in the 7 Categories of Life
  • Gaining Clarity
  • Managing Your Energy
  • Daily Tweaks to Make Life Powerful
  • .... and more.

Submitted by Carlene Kelsey ~ Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions LLC

Personal Use - Value $37

Self Love Journal

This journal consists of 20 fully editable journaling pages with journal prompts, checklists, and trackers to help you write down your thoughts and feelings to change your life to have a better self and begin living the person you like to be.

Use this Self Love Journal to improve your relationship with yourself by evaluating yourself to better understand yourself and love yourself with a healthier mindset of compassion and positivity.

Submitted by Vivian Chai ~ Clear Crystalo

PLR - Value $27

Caregiver's Guide to Stress Relief

The Caregiver's Guide to Stress Relief is a snapshot of how stress affects all of us holistically - body, mind, heart, and soul. Each unit contains a short quiz, a self-assessment, and action steps for recovery.

Expert advice from a seasoned caregiver, with resources and next steps, is included. Get a handle on stress and overwhelm and learn best practices to avoid burnout. Start your self-care plan today.

Submitted by Mary Underwood ~ What Empty Nest?

Personal Use - Value $29

My ADHD Planner

Living with ADHD, you know how overwhelming and chaotic life can feel. But there's hope! My ADHD Planner is here to help you regain control and reduce the overwhelm.

This handy planner is designed specifically for people with ADHD, and it's packed with features that will help you manage your time and energy more effectively. This planner will help you stay on track and get things done, from daily task lists to a weekly schedule.

Submitted by Libbii Armstrong ~ PLR Printables Bazaar

PLR - Value $27

Defining Boundaries Course

Enhance the quality of your life!

In this course, you will learn how to define personal boundaries and take better care of yourself. You will learn what boundaries are, why they are important, and how to set them.

Submitted by PsyDos

Personal Use - Value $59

Wander in the Woods to Wellness: Nature Mindfulness Activities to Recharge and Renew

You don't have to escape the city or wait until the weekend to relax and renew in nature. This book provides 30 prompts to encourage curiosity and exploration around your neighborhood to help you rest and recharge your focus and creativity.

Submitted by Kristen Mastel ~ Nourished Through Nature LLC

Personal Use - Value $27

How To Create Momentum To Become The Success That You Are Meant To Be

This 8-page Interactive PDF Workbook is an extract of the 1.5-hour workshops that I present. It is about the understanding of the definition of Empowerment, which tells us that "I am the creator of the success that I am seeking", but for most of us there is a mental barrier that prevents us from "Becoming the success that I am meant to be". This mental barrier is "The Story That I Am Telling Myself". Most of the time "The Story That I Am Telling Myself", happens at an unconscious level.

This workbook will help you to investigate your operating patterns, which consist of your beliefs, which strengthen your thoughts and behaviors. When you understand the importance of and the consequences of "The Story That I Am Telling Myself", you will be able to create momentum. Momentum can only happen when you are able to change the narrative of "The Story That I Am Telling Myself".

This workbook will give you 3 crucial steps that you can use to change the narrative of the story that I am telling myself.

Submitted by Rita Schoeman ~ Coaching With Heart

Personal Use - Value $35

28 Day Vegan Meal Plan for Busy Entrepreneurs

As a busy CEO and entrepreneur, I understand how hectic your schedule looks on a daily basis.

That’s why I aim to help you get the most out of the little time you have between juggling a successful business and family. I’m here to support you with your meal planning journey as a busy boss mom.

The plan I’ve chosen to offer you is a vegan-based meal plan because I believe you will find optimal health through whole foods. Even just one dedicated vegan day will bring you closer to a healthier version of yourself.

Your 28-Day Vegan Meal Plan Includes:

  • My comprehensive guide on a vegan diet.
  • 30 of my favorite recipes which includes completed meal photos, ingredients, directions and nutritional value.
  • 28-day meal plan presented in a calendar format.
  • A 4-weekly grocery list and tips and tricks on how to do a vegan grocery shop. I’ll teach you step by step in this eBook how to organise grocery shops.

Submitted by Bonnie Chase ~ Meal Prep Mamma

Personal Use - Value $27

Self-Care Planner for the Business Owner

Taking care of yourself as a business owner is just as important as taking care of your business. Incorporating self-care into your busy schedule has never been easier with this helpful, organized planner.

This Self-Care Planner for Business Owner has 35 pages that help you choose your wellness goals, offering weekly reminders, inspiration, tracking plus amazing tips so you can create a self-care routine—and stick to it so you can make your well-being a top priority.

Submitted by Sheila Anderson Mochrie

PLR - Value $27

Hyperlinked Digital Daily Wellness Journal with Commercial Use License

This journal is a 7-day/weekly hyperlinked Daily Wellness Journal with additional 3 notes pages (blank, lined & dot grid) to use for yourself or to rebrand, edit and sell to your customers. You will receive both the PDF & PowerPoint files to download.

This Quick Self-Reflection Daily Wellness journal is a place to write down your daily reflection entries. It can be something good or bad that has happened to you that you can self-reflect on and learn from past experiences. It can also help you to identify important learning events that have happened in your life.

Submitted by Kaycee ~ Kaycee Digital Design

PLR - Value $37

The Carb Pass

Your sugar levels are shifting higher. You’re not yet diabetic, but you are going there slowly, and you’re terrified. You’ve googled for answers and established that eating CARBS is a problem. You’re ready to eat differently, but NO CARBS is not something you’re willing to contemplate. The prospect of a life without carbs feels OVERWHELMING. And your family is NOT GOING to buy into this.

What if I told you, you could use biology, to keep carbs on the plate? Some carbs. Eating a big slice of chocolate cake and washing it down with a soda, when you’re metabolically challenged, is a fantasy! But a couple of small tweaks to how you do things, you can keep the pasta, bread and potato on the plate – if you know how.

In the CARB PASS, I’ll show you………..6 and a half ways to lower the sugar hit of your favourite carbs, NATURALLY! Plus you’ll get access to the BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY COMMUNITY and an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Submitted by Dr Sandy Evans ~ Better Body Chemistry

Personal Use - Value $27

The Ultimate Dark Moon Bundle

The dark moon is a powerful time giving us the opportunity each month to reconnect on a deeper level with ourselves, get closure, rebalance our divine feminine and masculine energies and so much more.

This bundle can help you to understand this phenomenal energy so that you can be more effective in achieving your goals by knowing when the right time to take inspired action is and what you should be doing during the dark moon to draw closer to your dreams.

Packed with bonuses and other goodies to help you realign with and nurture your divine purpose.

Submitted by Michelle Ramsundar ~ Divine Awakening

Personal Use - Value £97 ($115)

Faith-Focused Self Care Audio Training

FAITH-FOCUSED SELF-CARE: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Fulfillment

This Audio Training Includes:

  • The biblical-based mindset for self-care
  • Discovering the right self-care season and style for your life
  • The main roadblock to overcome for effective self-care
  • What essential component to add to all self-care routines

Submitted by Kimberly Allston ~ Real Connection Ministry

Personal Use - Value $37

Life in Bloom! 7-Day Self-Care Challenge (VIP ACCESS)

Are you a superwoman who is trying to do it all?

You are busy, I get it.
You play many roles in your household, your family, your job/business.
You are a caring, compassionate woman who treats everyone with respect (a.k.a the Golden Rule).
You make time for everyone (and everything) else but self-care goes to the bottom of the list.

You say:
-You don't have time
-You don't know how
-You might think it is selfish to focus on yourself

What if I told you - Self-care is NOT selfish?

Remember the Golden Rule? It says "Treat others as you treat YOURSELF."
Oh- oh.
Self-care IS important

I have good news for you- in this VIP ACCESS bundle worth $97 I provide everything you need to create a self-care plan for yourself. i provide tools to help you figure out where you are and where you can make simple tweaks in your daily routine.

You will get finally be able to get off the do-do train (who wants to be in do-do!) You can meet your responsibilities, and be a better wife, mom, employee/business owner etc. when you come from a place of rest rather than striving.

Submitted by Phoenix Grace ~ Life in Bloom!

Personal Use - Value $97

Worry Free Journal

The Worry Free Journal by Mission ENSPIRE is the answer to developing a well-being practice by responding to a daily journaling prompt. The journal contains 30 separate prompts for you to complete over the course of a month.

The goal is to get the worries & woes out of your head, and onto paper so you can tackle your daily life with gusto! Stop dwelling on internal chatter, and inventing stories that keep you frozen in fear.

After downloading the journal you will receive 5 emails to help you get started with using your journal.

Submitted by Jennifer McClain ~ Mission ENSPIRE, LLC

Personal Use - Value $29

Oily Tapping Primer

Dr. Jodie has over 3 decades of training, practice, and teaching along with compassion and caring to bring you her innovative healing modality, Oily Tapping.

In only minutes a day, you can clear mental, emotional, and energetic blocks to overcome overwhelm, boost your creativity, jumpstart your business, and perform the ultimate self-care.

This introductory Oily Tapping course includes a bonus Tap Along with Dr. Jodie to diminish or eliminate STRESS - the silent killer.

Submitted by Dr. Jodie Bean ~ Oily Tapping

Personal Use - Value $47

Girl, You've Got This! PLR Self-Care Planner

Girl, You've Got This! PLR Self-Care Planner comes with 46 pages of Canva templates in US Letter, A4, and 8×10 sizes! This planner will help you to plan your day/week while putting a focus on self-care and mental health. There are a variety of trackers from stress & sleep, to mental health and mood. It will help you set goals and plan time for yourself, as well as set time aside for daily reflections.

You will receive links to all of the Canva templates, as well as links to the flattened PDFs.

Submitted by Aimee Bagshaw ~ Imperfectly Aimee K.

PLR - Value $27

Masterclass—How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Are you getting nervous about the holidays because you're afraid of gaining some unwanted weight?
In this FREE Masterclass I'll be teaching you the Tips, Techniques and Tricks you need to focus on to Prevent Weight Gain over the Holidays and still have a fabulous holiday season.

This is NOT just another fluff-filled training with few action items and plenty of sales pitch. That’s not my style —my mission is to empower you with information that you can put into use.

In this class, I’ll be giving you exactly what you need to do to prevent those unwanted holiday pounds from creeping on (during the Holiday Season and beyond).

Submitted by Holli Rovenger ~ Self Care Whisperer

Personal Use - Value $67

DFY Create Your Own Manifest Planner/Journal Kit PLR

Time is the one thing you cannot get back! Let my DFY Create Your Own Manifest Planner/Journal Kit help you! You can create more than one planner/journal/lead magnet with this! This is a 60 Page planner kit including both the Canva and the PowerPoint files for you! Simply rebrand and resell!

Submitted by Marcy Bridges Patterson ~ The Unpopular Mom

PLR - Value $37

Self Care After Trauma

Self Care After Trauma workbook was designed to help you take care of yourself after experiencing trauma. It includes exercises and activities to help you process your experience, as well as tips for taking care of your physical and emotional needs.

Submitted by Karen Robinson ~ Heal Thrive Dream

Personal Use - Value $30


EFT (or tapping) is a super simple, super effective tool that you can use to release the limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviors keeping you down, and call in EVERYTHING you hope to manifest. The best part? All you need is 10 minutes and your own two hands.

Inside Untapped, you'll find a whole year's worth of potent, intentional tapping scripts to support you as you go after the life you want.

Submitted by Daire Paddy

Personal Use - Value £52 ($62)

Bring Back the SPARK in Your Life!

This self-study course will empower you to live your life to the fullest and to bring back the SPARK in your relationships within your personal and/or professional life by using Positive Intelligence (PQ).

Here’s what’s included:

  • Saboteurs Assessment
  • Discover your Saboteurs
  • Discover your Sage

Submitted by Denise Belisle ~ Denise Belisle in Motion Coaching

Personal Use - Value $197

Taking Care Of Me – My Self-Care Journal Digital

You and your customer will enjoy having a personal self-care journal to express your deepest thoughts and emotions. A private place where you can take care of yourself and your needs.

Beautiful digital journal notebook comes with 12 hyperlinked tab sections to use as a monthly journal or important life areas journal to express your thoughts and feelings. Add as many pages as you want to each section. You get your choice of dot grid, graph, lined, and blank pages which are all included.

As a bonus, you get 21 PNG journal cards with 18 self-care sayings, tracker card, and list cards. Use the journal cards like stickers in your journal.

With the PowerPoint files, you can easily change the background picture and tab colors to create a new look for more journals you can sell in your shop. The included PDF file is ready to use in the Goodnotes app.

Submitted by Tamra Sellier ~ GoodLife PLR

PLR - Value $37

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