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  • Enhance Sales with Soul: Discover strategies to harmoniously blend spiritual values with effective sales techniques.
  • Deepen Your Knowledge: Learn from leading experts in spiritual, metaphysical, meditation, and healing practices.
  • Transform Your Online Presence: Implement targeted marketing and social media strategies that resonate deeply with your spiritual audience.
  • Grow Personally & Professionally: Embrace practices that enhance your capacity to serve others, enriching both your personal and business growth.

Embrace the intersection of spirituality and profitability at the Spiritual Entrepreneur Expo. Join us to transform your business approach, connect with your purpose, and achieve new heights in your entrepreneurial journey.

Unlock your potential – the path to a thriving spiritual business awaits!

Val Selby

    Hey, I'm Val Selby!

You may be wondering, "Why buy through a bundle?"

The obvious answer is the incredible deal you get on the products.

But, even more powerful, you will find new coaches and creatives to follow and learn from. These are businesses you may never have found if it wasn't for this page right here. And that can lead to a perfect match for your business.

THIS is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bundles.

I've been an online marketer and service provider for over 20 years. I'm the reigning queen of bundle events, having coordinated dozens of successful bundles in all sorts of niches for multiple businesses between 2018 & 2022.

And then my friend invited me to start Bundle Bash and well, here I am! Running the site I've dreamed of for years and hosting collaboration events a month.

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Tina K Kailea

How To Rewire Your Subconscious Mind For Business Success

Sage Grayson

One-Minute Manifestor: Attract Your Desires at Lightning Speed

Damla Aktekin

Crystal Healing To Deepen Your Self-Love

Yael H. Dubin

Souled-Out Success: Standing in Your Value, Truth, & Strength as an Entrepreneur

Ally Rose

How To Rewire Your Subconscious Mind For Business Success

Steve Kidd

Best Seller is Only The Beginning

Karen Miller

Practical Workday Magic

Rita Ester

From Idea to Integration: The ChatGPT Blueprint to Create Lead Magnets

PLUS, Discover the Amazing Products Included!

Sadie Smiley

52 Weeks of Intuitive Tarot Card Exercises

  • Personal Use Only

Join us on a transformative 52-week journey with our Intuitive Tarot Card Exercises. Designed for business owners, this unique program helps you master tarot by tapping into your intuition, not memorization. Each week, gain new insights for personal and business growth, deepening your understanding of the cards and yourself. Start any time, and discover the power of intuitive tarot reading.

$52 value

Marilyn Alauria

10x Your Life Experience

  • Personal Use Only

Release the burdens of the past, embrace new opportunities aligned with your vision, and prioritize self-love and empowerment. The program unfolds through four modules, each strategically crafted to guide you from self-reflection to tangible action. Learn to convert dreams into actionable plans, gain insights from your future self, and cultivate discipline, focus, and resilience.

$197 value

Tai Goodwin of That Marketing Team

The Ultimate Content Planning Calendar

  • Personal Use Only

If you get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to post to attract, nurture and convert clients on social media, this is for you. This calendar has prompts for a full 365 days for your personal profile and groups. It also outlines 52 weeks of email message and campaigns. Bonus, over 100 captions you can use to make reels and over 50 different calls to action you can use in your content to drive engagement and conversion.

$97 value

Rosemary Morretta of TeamSelfCare

10 Practices For Your Spiritual Morning Routine

  • Personal Use Only

Kickstart a transformative journey with 10 Spiritual Practices for Your Morning Routine, offering a curated collection of habits for your spiritual self-care. From dream journaling to morning yoga, each practice serves as a stepping-stone toward self-awareness, connection, and enlightenment. Added to your morning routine, these intentional rituals become powerful gateways to self-discovery.

$29 value

Marta Suchomska

My Dream Life Journal

  • Personal Use Only

The Dream Life Journal is your remedy for feeling drained or stuck in daily life. Tailored for those with low energy, daydreamers without clear vision. Time to break free from routine and create a new roadmap to rediscover passion with realistic plan. It's a comprehensive tool to bridge the gap between your reality and dream life, empowering you to take control and turn dreams into reality!

$27 value

Ally Rose of The Rooted Wellness Collective

The Divine Pause Digital Bundle

  • Personal Use Only

Embrace clarity in the chaos with The Divine Pause Digital Bundle: your essential guide to what matters. Over 100 affirmations and reflections in PDF, ePUB, and audio formats cut through life's chaos. Perfect for any moment, it reconnects you with your inner voice and true self. Choosing The Divine Pause is more than a choice, it's a journey to the heart of who you are.

$27 value

Dan Teck

The Inner Journey of Writing Workshop

  • Personal Use Only

Unlock the emotional depths of your writing with “The Inner Journey of Writing” Workshop. Explore the spiritual and introspective side of your craft, transforming your inner experiences into captivating words you can share with the world. This journey is not just about writing; it's about discovering your true voice and the stories only you can tell.

$47 value

Daniela Uslan of Befriend the Zodiac

The Universe in Your Pocket Notion Astrology Dashboard

  • Personal Use Only

Unlock the mysteries of your birth chart and organize your astrological learning with The Universe In Your Pocket. This beautifully designed Notion astrology dashboard will teach you about the planets, signs, houses, and more, and give you a gorgeous space to record your expanding knowledge of the universe.

$37 value

Allison Holley

Discover Your Cosmic Lineage: Beginner Channeling Workshop

  • Personal Use Only

Have you been wanting to learn to channel? This can be your first step! In this 1 hour video course, you will be guided into a channeling space, where you will discover through your own awareness more about your soul's journey to becoming a being here on Earth - including lifetimes on other planets and frequency realms. Beginner friendly!

$97 value

Michele Parad

Virtual Summit SOPs

  • Personal Use Only

The Virtual Summit SOPs outline a comprehensive set of procedures and guidelines designed to ensure the seamless planning, execution, and success of virtual summits. Whether you're hosting a global conference, industry summit, or virtual event, these SOPs provide a structured framework to navigate the complexities of the virtual landscape.

$30 value

Mercedes Aspland of Inner Transformation & Awakening Community

Morning Mindset Masterclass

  • Personal Use Only

Transform your mornings and unlock your full potential with our Morning Mindset Masterclass. This course is meticulously designed to revitalize your daily routine, fostering a mindset of positivity and empowerment from the day’s start. It’s an immersive journey that equips you with practical tools and strategies to embrace each day with confidence and clarity. Join us to reshape your mornings and set a powerful tone for your day.

$37 value

Katharine Chestnut

Time-Proven Suite of Mindfulness Tools

  • Personal Use Only

Some of my favorite mindfulness resources: Inner Affirmations Digital Companion Journal designed to prompt you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings, while my meditations provide a calming and centering experience. Finally, you’ll have 3-months access to the Mindful Life community, which is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and get the support you need.

$37 value

Helena Borsje of Websites with a Heart

Marketing-savvy Web Pages Course

  • Personal Use Only

Learn How to Create Web Pages that Convert Website Visitors into Paying Clients!
Find out WHAT to include in your website pages and WHY, see practical examples of how to build marketing-savvy pages step by step, and receive a visual guide as a printable to keep by your side while you are creating your own web pages. This course will help you create next-level website content!

$33 value

Yael H Dubin of Bechira Coaching

Embodying Your Soul: A Seven-Week Journey to Reclaim Your Body's Wisdom

  • Personal Use Only

Reconnect to your body's wisdom and rediscover your Soul's purpose in this remarkable 7-week, self-paced course! Join somatic coach & Level 1 IFS practitioner Dr. Yael Dubin on a 7-week, easy-to-follow journey to your innermost being. Create congruence & confidence that supercharge personal & professional growth. Includes: downloadable workbook, 7 teachings, 7 somatic meditations, private podcast.

$147 value

Karen Wyatt of Quiet Power Spiritual Coaching

The Lunar Cycle Playbook

  • Personal Use Only

The 40-page 'The Lunar Cycle Playbook', perfect for introverted women and those with ADHD/autistic traits, aligns your life with the moon's cycle. It offers in-depth moon phase insights and rituals, personal tracking, and reflective journaling for enhanced focus and mindfulness. Discover balance, embrace your natural rhythm, and empower your journey. Elevate and transform with the moon's wisdom.

$29 value

Danielle Gaebel of Superfine Life

JourneyDance™ On-Demand Class

  • Personal Use Only

Experience JourneyDance™ On-Demand with a Bonus Live Class Pass — a transformative somatic movement practice that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. A spiritual and emotional musical soul ride that inspires uninhibited free expression. You'll explore how movement, music, and dance can help you reclaim fun, playfulness, and joy, allowing you to let go, release, and receive. Dance Yourself Free!

$40 value

Chanel Caldwell of Sista Sutra

Bring Him To Me! Love Manifestation Mastery Toolkit

  • Personal Use Only

Are you ready to manifest the man of your dreams into reality? Or how about welcoming abundance, joy, and success into your life? Then this Manifestation Mastery Kit is exactly what you need, with its insanely powerful manifestation hacks and techniques, that not only make you magnetic and irresistible to the man of your dreams but to the life of your dreams as well! What are you waiting for?

$97 value

Juanita Markham of Hidden Hollow Holistix

Unleash Your Potential

  • Personal Use Only

This eBook and corresponding digital Workbook was created to help Solopreneurs work through Limiting Beliefs that leave us feeling small and stuck. In the eBook, you delve into mindset mastery, identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and explore strategies for personal growth. The workbook has journal prompts, activities, and Soulchants aimed at empowering and shifting our perspectives on the Possible.

$40 value

Carolina Velis of Quest Mystic

Awaken Your Aquarian Light: A Transformative Journey Workbook

  • Personal Use Only

Uncover your Aquarian Age path: Dive into 55+ pages of celestial wisdom & practical tools for creative fire & spiritual awakening. Track your energy, spark action with inspiring activities, magnify intentions with powerful affirmations, & manifest your dreams with a potent toolkit. Embrace the shift, step into your empowered light. Shine brighter. ✨

$33 value

Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen

Done-for-You Awaken Your Intuition Course Content PLR Pack

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Unlock the power of intuition with our "Awakening Your Intuition: The Fun and Friendly Way" Course Pack! Ideal for shop owners, psychics, healers, and educators, this kit includes a 68-page course script, engaging handbook, interactive 36-page workbook, customizable templates, cover design, and 25 ClipArt graphics. Save time, inspire learners, and start teaching the magic of intuition.

$67 value

Catherine Wilde of Soul Care Mom

Simple Self Care

  • Personal Use Only

Simple Self Care was created for busy momprenuers. This course will help you carve out space to fill your cup, even on your busiest days. Prioritizing your self care will help you thrive in business, motherhood, and all areas of your life. When you take time for self care you will be able to show up for your clients with more presence, energy, and love!

$49 value

Sunny Sink of High Priestess Tarot School

64 Spreads for Nurturing Your Intuitive Soul

  • Personal Use Only

Nourish your Soul with these 64 Tarot spreads for personal growth! From topics of self-love, intuition, manifestation, and ancestral wisdom, these spreads are perfect for new and advanced tarot and oracle readers alike. Uncover your magic with this bundle- your key to transformative readings!

$27 value

Sage Grayson

Law of Attraction for Skeptics

  • Personal Use Only

Law of Attraction for Skeptics is a supercharged video course with easy, practical manifesting techniques to prove to yourself that you have the power to manifest what you desire. You'll learn how to ditch your preconceived notions about what's possible for you and open up to magic and abundance!

$47 value

Laura Clark of Wise Living Institute

The Magical Numerological Bundle

  • Personal Use Only

Unlock your personal year code & embark on a magnificent journey ahead. Stop struggling to align who you are with what you do.  This unique numeric fingerprint empowers you to make informed decisions, embrace your strengths, and navigate challenges with resilience.
Your code provides you with profound insight and guidance for navigating work and life with greater ease and grace.

$33 value

Mona Leboudy of The Action Alchemy Coaching

Hi-Vibes Only! Bundle: Elevate, Embrace, Excel.

  • Personal Use Only

Introducing the 'Hi-Vibes Only!' Ebook and Workbook – your ultimate guide to turning up the positivity and dialing down the stress! This isn't an ordinary self-help guide. Inside, you'll discover secrets to transform your mindset, zap negativity, and infuse your life and business with high-energy goodness. Get ready to dive into a vibrant, uplifting journey where the sun never sets on your dreams

$47 value

Lauren Parker of Becoming JoyFULL

The Ripple Effect Meditation

  • Personal Use Only

Hey, kindhearted dreamer! If you're ready to make a bigger impact on this world, sit back and relax while you embark on a calm journey to envision our world and what you want your impact in our world to be. The Ripple Effect guided visualization meditation will help you embody how it feels to spread kindness and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take the next step.

$27 value

Estelle Defrance of PLR for Your Success

Beyond Anger, Embracing a Peaceful Heart PLR Journal Pack

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

Embark on a transformative journey towards emotional freedom, and help your customers do the same, with the Beyond Anger, Embracing a Peaceful Heart PLR Journal Pack: with 30 journal pages, 5 covers, and 2 designs, it is available in 8.5 x 11, A4, & 6 x 9 sizes, with PDF & JPEG files. Plus, you can customize all the templates in Canva.

$37 value

Damla Aktekin of A Drop of Om

Deepen Your Healing - Recorded Crystal Healing Bundle

  • Personal Use Only

Jump start & deepen your trauma healing with four 45-minute crystal energetic wound healing sessions & support your energetic well-being. The crystal healing sessions are about: Belonging, Feeling Seen, Heard, & Understood, Clearing Resistance, and Feeling Enough.
"I'm not sure I can quite explain what it is but I do feel so much better since listening to these crystal healing recordings." A. J.

$77 value

Tiffany Ngu of The Marketing Shortcuts

List Building Funnel Template (Built In Systeme.io)

  • Personal Use Only

Coaches and Consultants! Ready to supercharge your email list and appointment bookings? Grab my List Building Funnel Template today! You'll receive an Opt-in page, Application page, and Thank You Page. All you need to do is add your own graphics, copy, and brand colors, and then you're ready to launch! This funnel features a clean look and is 100% optimized for both mobile and laptop. Get started today!

$97 value

Jenn Brockman of Planning Addicts

Wild Woman Journal

  • PLR and/or Commercial Use

The Wild Woman Journal is perfect for Empowerment coaches, passionate bloggers, and visionary content creators who aim to nurture a deeper understanding of self in their audience. PRINTABLE, EDITABLE TEMPLATES FOR PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL USE.

$27 value

Julien DuBrow of Divine Feminine Network

List Your Products, Services, Events FREE in our Directory

  • Personal Use Only

The Divine Feminine Network is a gathering place for those honoring the Sacred Feminine and the core principle of connection—to self, others, and the world. It's a space to share creative gifts, business offerings and events. Enjoy 6 months of free membership to connect and grow.

$174 value

Stacey Webb

Foundations of Tapping - Inviting EFT Into Your Life Self-Paced Course

  • Personal Use Only

Discover the power of tapping with Foundations of Tapping: Inviting EFT & Other Tapping Practices Into Your Life. This self-guided online course is your gateway to healing, offering skills & knowledge on harnessing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to regulate your nervous system. Elevate your mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual health on a journey of reconnection with your innate healing tools.

$199 value


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