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No More Entrepreneur Overwhelm

Find your motivation so you can make more sales!

Rid Yourself of Procrastination

When your to do list has gone out of control, it becomes easy to procrastinate. It's tough to decide where to begin when you are feeling overwhelmed. 

As entrepreneurs we have a lot of steps we feel like we should be doing to make our business grow. But is it helping you grow or keeping you stagnate?

Jump-Start Your Motivation Today!

We've reached out to amazing coaches and product creators to bring you a bundle all about getting your mojo back.

When you are excited to work in your business it shows. So let's jump-start your mojo and get you kicking butt again.

Courses, Challenges, Done-for-You Products, PLR Journals, and More...

Over $1100 in Products

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conquer procrastination

Conquer Procrastination & Become Distraction Free

Finally, learn how to rewire your brain so that you can reach the goals that have been lingering.

Quit having regrets of all the goals you've failed to achieve. It’s time to understand how you tick and finally breakthrough with a real system, not theory.

Grab this bundle of resources to help get you into the frame of mind for success, conquer procrastination and truly become distraction free!

Submitted by Lisa Mulhern ~ Perfectly Productive

Personal Use - Value $125

Easy Trello

Easy Trello

Stop Struggling With Trello!

Discover an easier, more intuitive way to take charge of Trello with the all new and expanded Easy Trello Course and Workshop.

Learn to rock a free Trello account your way!

Submitted by Kat Sturtz ~ Rocking Your Path

Personal Use - Value $197

How To Find Your Life's Purpose Content Pack

How To Find Your Life's Purpose Content Pack

Everyone has a purpose in life, even if they aren't aware of it yet. However, most people assume they don't have a specific purpose because they have not taken the time to sit down and think deeply about their lives.

If your audience is struggling, then this content package is exactly what you need to give them to help them discover their Life's Purpose.

Submitted by Jenn Brockman ~ Passion for PLR

PLR - Value $27

Crushing The Lies That Keep You Invisible

Crushing The Lies That Keep You Invisible And Playing Small Six Module Self-Study Course

Crushing the lies that hold you back will help you finally find the courage to increase your visiblity, use your voice, and own your genius so you can attract more of your right prospects and grow a business you love.

Each week we'll do a deep dive, dissecting one of the big lies that holds you back from your success. Then we'll breakdown why it's not true and look at the ways it plays out in your life.

Submitted by Pam Hamilton ~ Building Visibility

Personal Use- Value $97

30 Day Challenge: Thrive Consciously in Your Daily Life

30 Day Challenge: Thrive Consciously in Your Daily Life

The 30 Day Challenge: Thrive Consciously in Your Daily Life journal and planner takes your customers into being more present in their daily lives through 30 days of practice. Your customer can wash, rinse, and repeat every 30 days to be more conscious and present in their daily lives.

Sell this journal/planner in your shop to give your customers ways to be more present in their lives. You can add to it or use some of the pages to create unique planners and journals for your customers.

Submitted by Gabby Conde ~ A Cup Of Zen

PLR - Value $37

Find Your Content Repurposing Mojo

Find Your Content Repurposing Mojo

Are you feeling like a hamster on the content creation wheel, trying to churn out more, more, more? What if you could get more out of your bright ideas and every piece of content you create for your business! You need a mighty smart content plan so you can make the most of what you have (including that PLR stash!), save energy, and truly work smarter not harder. 

This two-part training gives you easy tips, shows 'hidden' content, ends creators block and helps your content attract more of your right audience.

Submitted by Jennifer Burke ~ Mighty Marketing Mojo

Personal Use - Value $97

The Empowered Soulpreneur Affirmations Journal

The Successful SoulPreneur Affirmation Journal is a Done-For-You transformative product that will help your customers and clients to create the empowering mindset they need to succeed in their business. It brings 30 powerful affirmations that were specifically created to overcome common limiting beliefs that heart-centred entrepreneurs have.

Submitted by Cynthia Siqueira
 ~ Soulful PLR

PLR - Value $37

And Special Deals From Our Sponsors

content latte universal builder

My Adaptable Life Planner & Workbook Combo Set

Help your customers understand the changes and their reactions to changes. This workbook and planner combo set will give them a framework to assess their readiness to changes and empower them to take constructive action every month. The combo set has undated planner pages for month and week layouts. If you are a coach, health and wellness professional, business owner, blogger, or ETSY shop owner, you will benefit from this focused combo set.

Submitted by Dee Pawar ~ Conscious Debt Free Life

PLR - Value $37

Uncover Your Inner Calling 5-Day Challenge

Uncover the soulful purpose that will guide and motivate you to succeed in your heart-centered business. During this journey together, you will receive directly in your inbox daily guidance with instructions, lessons and exercises to help you to listen to your inner calling, connect with your why, and to align your life purpose with your business and life.

Submitted by Cynthia Siqueira ~ Soulful Business

Personal Use - Value $47

"Display Your Destiny" Succulent Vision Planner

Display Your Destiny - Succulents Vision Planner Canva Templates
When Your Vision is Clear, The Results Will Appear!
Your audience will LOVE this vision board planner bundle. It’s perfect to get your goals written down AND showcased to view weekly and monthly for accountability and consistency. PLUS, powerful pep talks and power words to change the brain to think successfully!

Submitted by Kim Mickelsen ~ Journey With Kim

PLR - Value $27

Biz Boost Refresh Planning Session

This Biz Boost Planning Session will help you create actionable goals and tasks to take your business where you want it to go. We all need a boost every now and then, and these actionable steps will help revitalize you and your business.

Submitted by Michelle Garrett ~ Divas With A Purpose

Personal Use - Value $47

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

You know something needs to change. Your comfort zone is getting increasingly uncomfortable, but you need guidance, even a roadmap, for getting from where you are now to where you want to be in business or in your personal life. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone is an online course that will guide you through a process of identifying your comfort zone, planning ways to get out of it, taking action, and rewriting your story as you achieve your goals.

Submitted by Michelle Waters ~ Rethink Your Lifestyle

Personal Use - Value $37

Tame Imposter Syndrome

If Imposter Syndrome has stolen more of your dreams than you can count you need this class. Recorded in a "show me, don't just tell me" learning style. You've probably never heard it explained this way.

Submitted by Janna Skroch ~ I Create My Life Today, LLC

Personal Use - Value $97

Goals PLR Mini Bundle

The Goals PLR mini bundle is perfect for business, life, or high performance coaches who can benefit from this timeless topic. This PLR licensed material can be used for your blog posts, social media, and incorporated into other collateral you want to create and use with your clients. Let this material give you a creative jumpstart!

Submitted by Tara Kachaturoff 

PLR - Value $37

40 Motivational Affirmation Card Deck

This set of Affirmation Card Deck is designed to help you stay motivated, and keep you on task. Each card contains a short, motivational quote that will inspire and uplift. These 40 cards, can be used in various ways to deliver inspiration or simply re-centre yourself on a day when you are not feeling it.

Submitted by Vivianne ~ Boss Lady Corner

PLR - Value $27

Spring Manifestation Planner

You are what you think. The world is what you see. Your life is what you manifest. You can’t achieve your goals without a plan. Our illustrated manifestation planner will help you stay focused and on track, with powerful affirmations, self-love messages, and more.

Submitted by Ana Tarouca ~ My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique

PLR - Value $27

Motivational 4x6 Post Cards

Check out these motivational postcards ready to print on Avery 8386 postcard templates. Great for your clients or to list in your store to sell.

These postcards are editable in PowerPoint. As you can see, you can change the image in the background, the motivational saying, the box style, the color of the box, the font, and the color of the font. Add any information that you may need to the back.

Submitted by Marilyn Southmayd  ~ Gilded Penguin Creations

PLR - Value $27

A Month of Life Motivation Coloring Planner

A flowered and colorful planner to follow you during a month of life motivation that contains 31 daily pages with introspection phrases on motivation, personal growth, resilience, and happiness and 31 pages to color with quotes on life motivation to de-stress and to focus.

Submitted by Virginie Vandeuren ~ Oxyp Design PLR

PLR - Value $37

Affirmation Card Deck Printable Template

This digital Positive Affirmation Card Deck is suitable for healing daily reminders (life changing), self-love sessions, daily motivation & vision boards.
Use this template to create a variety of card decks. Card Decks for self-love, LOA, Money affirmations, tarot cards, etc. Let your imagination run wild!
Use it as a lead magnet, add-on bonus, sell it or use it for yourself. Rebrand, change background & wording, fonts and you will have a brand-new card deck to sell on your website, Etsy or Shopify store.

Submitted by Kaycee ~ Kaycee Digital Design

PLR - Value $27

Motivational Quotes Coloring Posters PLR

Motivational Quotes Coloring Posters was designed to inspire you and your customers while having fun doing a stress relieving activity. COLORING! If you are looking for great original art work that can adorn an office and still have the personal touch, then this poster pack is the perfect fit. Enjoy these 20 beautiful posters that come in two sizes (8.5"x11" & 18"x24") and three file formats (PNG, PSD, PDF).

Submitted by Jay Galati ~ Coloring Galaxy

PLR - Value $27

Busy Less, Work Smart, Earn More

In this unique training, you will gain insights to how Faith, a busy mom with three young children schedules her work day, organizes her business tasks, works an average of 5 hours a day, AND earns a monthly 5-figure income, all without any virtual assistant! She will share openly her steps to creating products, courses, and tips on affiliate marketing so that you, too, can work effectively and build a thriving online business.

Submitted by Faith Lee  ~ Faith's Biz Academy

Personal Use - Value $67

Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

In this four-module self-guided course — complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module and exercise worksheet to help you define your own self-care plan – I’m going to show you how you can finally…

Start taking care of ALL of you: mind, body, and spirit, so you can transform your life and business (and feel happier and more successful, too)
Create a strong and healthy body, so you have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business
Nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries (finally!)
Make REAL time for the things you want and the people and activities that are important to you

Submitted by Desiree Zega ~ Fitmomology

Personal Use - Value $97

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